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This is live on the Cedar Point website, posted July 17. Check the Season Pass tab.

Gold Pass + Passport WILL get ERT!

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I want to want the Prestige Pass, but I just don't get the value. This isn't a revolutionary thought, but in renewing my pass a few moments ago, I was searching for any kind of justification. Maybe in 2025...

Chase McCants

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I hate that I have to give up my Platinum Pass. It's sentimental if nothing else.
Looking at the Prestige Pass, the only perk I'm interested in is the single use Fast Last, but only if works for SV and TT2.

If it's similar to this year, it is a single use FL+ and can be used on any ride, including SV and (presumably) TT2.

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Well Uncle Steve, you don’t have to physically give up your platinum pass. I’ve been a gold pass holder since 2020, but still scan my platinum card. 😂

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Cool, I had no idea.
I'll give Prestige a try then.

Yes, I still have my (original) Platinum Pass. I have the Prestige Pass now, and just scan everything on my phone. I only carry the physical pass as a just in case the phone doesn't work for some reason.

Also an FYI, I reached out to Cedar Point asking if the 2024 single use Fastlane voucher is Regular, or Fastlane+. The response I received is that for 2024 the single use voucher is regular Fastlane only, NOT Fastlane+.

That really seals our decision that we will not renew the Prestige Pass.

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