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My family and I are staying at the Breakers for 3 nights starting this coming Saturday, we will have 3 day passes which we plan to use on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday. My kids are ages 8 (about 56 inches tall) and 6 (about 46 inches tall).

I'm just looking for some advice on how to best allocate our time. With have 2 full days and part of Saturday, we shouldn't be too rushed and can take in everything at a good pace, as well as enjoying the ammenities at the Breakers.

We hope to be at CP by about 4 on Saturday. I kind of figured we would just get our bearings, and I can go on a few coasters (whichever don't have crazy lines) and do some of the midway rides.

For Sunday with our early entry I figured we'd hit Maverick, MF and Valravn. Then Dragster, Magnum, Gemini etc. If it gets busy in the afternoon I thought we could do CP Shores to break it up. Then return in the evening and do some night rides (maybe Raptor, Gatekeeper if the lines aren't too long).

For Monday we will just see what we've missed and/or want to repeat.

Any suggestions or things I should change?


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Main issue is the 6 year old. At under 48" he is not tall enough for any of the adult rides. So one of the things you will need each day is a Parent Swap Pass. Available at the Resort Gate, Guest Services at the Front Gate, or Town Hall Museum in Frontiertown. Free and easy to use it is an amazing time saver. May want to think about the Dining Plan also.

Don't short change Saturday night. The park looks best under the lights and crowds will diminish as the night goes on.

Be sure and ride Magnum after dark. I've never been a Windseeker fan, but others say it is even better after dark.

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I'd recommend to be patient on Saturday, since that will likely be the most crowded of the 3 days. Sunday "should" be very manageable, with less families traveling now that most schools are back in. I'd spend Saturday afternoon settling in, maybe hit the beach for a while, and enjoy a nice relaxing dinner at one of the restaurants. Then in the evening head into the park, and do some of the smaller rides that don't have shorter lines. As the night goes on, lines will start to die, and you should be able to get a few good night rides in.

Then Sunday just hit it hard. Recommend starting at Maverick, and then going to either TTD or Millennium, and from then on, enjoy the day. Depending on the weather, the water park is a nice place to relax and get a cold beverage, at either the dry or swim-up bars. Also Surf Lounge in Breakers is a nice spot as well.

It sounds like you've got a pretty good idea what you're doing, so just take it all in, don't over-think it, and have a good time!

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