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So this issue has been happening on occasion, where after clicking the icon to go to the first new post in a thread, an ad will pop up, and after closing it, I'm back on the page on which I clicked the icon. Only when clicking the same icon again, I'm taken to the first post in that thread, rather than the first new post since my last visit.

I first thought it was user error, but it's happened a few times now. It's not a huge deal, unless it's been several day since my last visit, in which case it can be a challenge to find where I left off.


And I'm really not sure answering what is my name, what is my quest, and what is my favorite color will help target marketing any.

remember: no matter where you go... there you are.

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Yeah, I've seen that a few times on and off over the last year. It happens because it's requesting the URL twice, and the second time, it believes you've already been there. You should only get one interstitial ad per session though, hopefully.

Ads suck, but paying for infrastructure out of pocket sucks more.

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