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I know that this was posted over on Coasterbuzz, but WoF is getting a boomerang. Now i just found it very odd that a Cedar Fair park would get a cookie cutter ride like that from Vekoma. How does one park go from building Mamba to a Boomerang. I could think of a dozen better attractions for WoF than a boomerang.

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It seems to be a last minute add in (not literally). They seemed to have gotten a lot of complaints. Then again that sounds so Corny I feel like it's Turkey day again. (get it corn) Ok bad joke.

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Those boomerang coasters are useless. Thankfully CP does not have any and hopefully they won't get any. They're too short and give you a major head rush...though some of you may like that.
I thought the word was "head-ACHE".

Actually, Worlds of Fun will be the *second* Cedar Fair park with a Boomerang. Don't forget that Knott's has had one for years. Not Cedar Fair's fault, I realize, but they have had one.

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You never heard of the term head-rush????????? It's different than a head-ache!
I've heard of a head-rush. Just not in the context of a Vekoma Boomerang or anything from Premier or Togo.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.
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I know that Boomerangs have a reputation for being headbangers, but I've ridden the one at GL many times and find it fairly smooth. Even though they are clones and not the newest design, I enjoy Boomerangs alot. WOF's Boomerang will probably go over very well with it's customers, I think it's fairly unique to the KC area so riders will find it new and different.
All I mean is that when I get off a Boomerang coaster, I feel as though all my blood has rushed to my head, my head feels heavy and I feel dizzy. They are smooth, but they go pretty fast and there is no time to adjust from the loops. Three loops forward, then immediately three loops backward.

The bottom line is I prefer continuous circuit coasters. I feel cheated on a boomerang. I love loops, but I also want hills, dips, turnarounds, etc. To me, if you are going to build a coaster, go the route that CP has been doing for the last 10 years...Raptor, Magnum, Mantis, Mean Streak, MF...real coasters...not these coasters that could fit in my backyard. *** This post was edit by net on 12/2/99. ***
Anything amusement park is new to the KC area. We really need something big like a Cedar Fair park to fill the space between Kansas City and Denver... There is lots of open space in western kansas... any takers???

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