7/16: Magnum and TTD Ride NIght

Who else is going that day, and what coaster do you primarily plan to be at?

Ill be showing up around noon and will be mostly at Magnum.

I will be going. Probably around 8pm, and will spend equally half on each. If I don't its dragster all the way. In years past, I have marathoned Magnum enough. (Yes I know... "you can never have enough") This is just the opportunity for a shorter line for TTD.

-Allan M.-
Live E Lead Starlight Experience Tech - 2010-2012
Live E Fog Tech (Fright zone/Screamworks) - Halloweekends 2009-2011

Will be at the park but sadly my friend doesn't have a platinum pass so I will not attend ERT.

Will try to ride as many coasters wearing a Tigers 68 replica jersey

For all who weren't there, you missed a great night, I dont know how the Dragster people did, but I managed 13 rides on Magnum, 11 of which were in a row and two of which were trimless. Then I managed one ride on TTD after Magnum shut down for the night.

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