will be there on 7-7 and 7-8 with the family, anyone else going?

First trip June 23rd

Have a fun trip! I will be there the 12th. Hopefully all the rides are running good like they have been lately!

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Sorry, will be at Michigans Adventure for their Timbersfest event, or else I would be at CP!

Cedar Point, Americas rip- rockin', high flyin', sky defyin', record breakin' roller coast

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I plan to be there on Sunday. Looks like it's gonna be a HOT one weather wise.

Your mom is to fat to ride TTD.'s avatar

Sorry I cant. I have to go to Tony and Eva's wedding in France. ;)

Not really but I still cant go to the Point.

Let's Get Weird.

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Myself and Adam (TTD120) will be there both Saturday and Sunday...

You are right Mark... It will be a HOT one!

Ripcord Crew 2002 / MF Crew 2004

I'm going next Wednesday, can't wait. Hopefully I win one of those huge Warios or Donkey Kongs.

Just another coaster junkie at Point Buzz

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Sure is going to be a hot weekend. I'll make sure to get some sunscreen.:)

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-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

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Josh & Adam, we'll be there Sat. & Sun. as well. We'll be spending most of Sat. just enjoying Breakers & the beach, but I'll see ya at TTD for ERT on Sunday!

Mark, if you still have my cell #, give me a buzz & maybe my son can join you guys this time for a few rides, especially if you have an odd number of guys?
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randi <><
Peace Love Hope

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Dragster doesnt have ERT till the 20th.;)

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

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I'll only be there on Sunday, but I still have your cell Randi. I'll give you a buzz.

Join us at the Resort/Magnum gate on Sunday morning. and TTD doesn't have ERT. The early entry rides are Maverick, MF, Raptor and Skyhawk.

You're gonna be there both days Adam? I'll miss ya tomorrow, but I'll see you guys on Sunday. I was there today (from 2:30p til close).

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Adam is going to get to the park later in the day. Him and I are gonna try out the Maples tomorrow night. Ill be at the park after 12...

Ripcord Crew 2002 / MF Crew 2004

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