Hello. I am planning to go to Cedar Point. Leaving Albany Friday night on 6-5 and will stay in a hotel and check out Sunday the 7th.

The question I have is there anything going on this weekend? All the hotels in the area are completely booked. There's only a couple hotels that are around $200 a night available

I have been going to Cedar Point for around 10 years and never had this issue finding hotels. Even in the middle of the summer.

Also are there any towns 20-30 minutes from the park I can look for?

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It's also *nerd alert* Colossalcon that weekend, so there are a lot of random people in hotels in the area for that too, I'm sure.

Not really sure if this is a good answer to your question. I recently stayed at Camp Sandusky. I have a camper. But they have a lot of cabins there. Looked like sheds with lofts. Don't even think they have restrooms in them. But would be affordable. If you were willing to use a public showerhouse/restroom. You'd have to check it out. I haven't been to many campgrounds that have had spaces available during holiday weekends. We were there Memorial Day Weekend and they had campsites and cabins open. So it's safe to say they have them open for your trip. If you can manage staying in a campgrounds in a primitive cabin. You'd have to bring a lot of supplies for your trip. They have charcoal grills on your site. It worked well for us, but we have a pop-up camper that's ready to stay in. I would say the cost would be less than a hotel room. About 15 minutes from the tollbooths. Not saying I'd recommend it. Just throwing it out there.

CoasterMania is Friday, 6/5 and Coasting For Kids event is happening Sunday, 6/7. I second Thabto's recommendation of the Comfort Inn in Huron, OH. It's just a short drive away and it should be fairly inexpensive.

You could also check out hotels in Norwalk, Bellevue and Port Clinton.

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Coastermania is on Friday. And it's also Bike Week.

You might want to check hotels in Huron. I had a nice stay at the Comfort Inn over there. It's only about a 10 minute drive from the park.

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