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(Play this Godfather music here before reading)

It's late, the sun setting on the last day of regular operations at Cedar Point. Tony Clark's presence is requested in McClure's office...

McClure: "Tony..."

Clark: "Yes boss?"

McClure: "We've been good to you, yes?"

Clark: "Of course, boss...of course. Why are you talking in that Italian accent?"

McClure: "It's not important. Now I need you to be good to us. I need you to take a trip, and bring back a little gift"

Clark: "But sir...we have Steel Vengeance..."

McClure: "You talk about vengeance. Is vengeance going to bring your son back to you? Or my boy to me?

Clark: "Um...what?"

McClure: "Nevermind....Tony...friend...it's time."

Clark: "Where did you get a cat?"

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Well, that explains why Forbidden Frontier is closed after Labor Day, They stashed that thing back there. After all, it is called Go-Gator, a perfect addition to next years "Snake River Tour" attraction. Look for it this Saturday when you are on Millenium Force.

Except somebody messed up and took a quick pit stop in Cardington, of all places. Cardington? Why not at least Bucyrus or Waldo, where you can get a bratwurst or a bologna sandwich (respectively)?...

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I know this is only a fan made YouTube piece of heaven. But do you think this could be done? Do you think we can ever see this? I can only hope

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Are you asking if CP could post a ride announcement with a crappy No Limits 2 recreation in the future? Probably, but I'd prefer if they would stick with the professional detailed renderings.

Oh... you meant the actual ride... oh....

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Seems unlikely because of the amount of real estate that it would take up

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Yeah, trim brakes: the ride. Exactly what we want to see.

How could anyone watch that concept video and think “man I wish Cedar Point would get that!!”? That was truly awful.

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My favorite part of this video was the old footage of the news coverage.

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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Mmmmm bologna sammie from Waldo...

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I love the rendering of the Boardwalk replacement for the Sports Stadium somebody made online. It looked professional and actually something I could see the park installing, maybe with the exception of one of the flat rides.


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Hey, MaxDK, are you talking about this?


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Such a great concept. All it is missing is a Thrashers Fries and Fishers Popcorn.



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PyroKinesis09 said:

Such a great concept. All it is missing is a Thrashers Fries and Fishers Popcorn.

If CP were to bring in any outside entity to operate a french fry stand, I think it would be blasphemy if it was any place other than Berardi's...

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Any idea when the details of the new riverboat will be revealed?

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My best guess is maybe when the park closes, near the end of the year, or winter chill out.

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I’m still waiting on them to announce the details on what forbidden frontier is. (Sorta joking of course since everything they put out was vague)
If not sooner, then I’d also say winter chill out.

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