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Harvest Fear: I thought this zone was small but good. I liked the aesthetic to the zone and felt it matched that section of the park well. The zone was packed. I feel like people didn't realize that it was a haunted attraction.

That being said the costumes and masks were solid, especially with the booths set up. Not a lot of scares here, but still good.

Tombstone territory: I feel like this one was really week. I think it matches the themeing of that area, but i am yet to see more than five people working the zone at a time. This zone is just ok.

Blood on the bayou: This zone used to be one of my favorite, it would have been awesome if there were more people working it. There weren't many good scares, but i do think its a good use of space.

Deprivation: Awesome. Favorite maze in the park.

Cut throat cove: This, in my opinion, is the most solid outdoor maze. Great scares, awesome screamsters, long, interesting walkway with cool views of Maverick. Its really long and the theming is amazing.

Cornstalkers: solid as always.

Screamworks: Really weak. I wish they would go back to fright zone.

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I go on how much I like Deprivation, but Cut throat cove is amazing too, I agree definitely best outdoor area. Great use of fog, plenty of people to screamsters, a vast variety of stuff in to see in the lengthy walk. Certainly a way more beefy experience than Blood on the Bayou.

Sacrificing playing video games to ride roller coasters.

One of the most discouraging trends is when people cite lack of Screamsters in a house or zone. That's unfortunate and I would never disagree with that. As one of the workers, I'd ask that responders would provide thoughts on what they did see. i.e. "Were the workers in the understaffed area doing a good job?" I'm a worker in an area with a relatively small number and work extra hard to do what can be done. The Screamster motto includes "I can't do everything, but I can do something". I hope that's what guests see, even in a lowly staffed area.

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I must say, Haunt definitely improved this year. 3 new experiences, listening to fans, lots of new decorations, etc. I went multiple times and did every attraction you could do for Haunt this year multiple times. This is m final scoreboard. Note I use the A,B,C,D,E grading scale and each maze/zone are judged on multiple factors.


- Deprivation: D+

- Fearground Freakshow: A-

- G.A. Bockelings Eerie Estate: B+

- Zombie High School: B

- Hexed: C

- Slaughterhouse: B-


- Tombstone Terror-Tory: D-

- Cut Throat Cove: A-

- Harvest Fear: D+

- Blood On The Bayou: B-

- Cornstalkers: B

- Maniacal Mechanical Screamworks: D-

RTS20m and Frog Hopper King, I noted that you both rated most of the 360-degree zones poorly. I would be interested in hearing a bit more about your thoughts that went into those ratings.

I am guessing that it has to do with the number of encounters with Screamsters that you experienced. That can certainly be a challenge with those zones since there isn't a single direction path to have Screamsters placed where you would come in contact with them.

Take Tombstone Terror-Tory, for instance. Guests can enter the zone from six different areas, not counting Lusty Lil's, Burritos, etc. (the main entrance, to the left of The Roundup, at the Maverick entrance pavilion, the train station, the pathway from Steel Vengence/Deprivation, and the restroom/first aid area).

In a house or path-driven outdoor zone like Cut Throat, you will come into contact with a high percentage of the Screamsters in the zone as you enter the various scenes. In a 360-degree zone, you may not even come into contact with 50% of the Screamsters.

But I was curious if you had any other feedback.



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