2016 Season Passes on sale

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I just noticed 2016 season passes are now on sale. Also looks like they are offering an All Season Souvenir Bottle with unlimited refills all season for $22.99, like Carowinds is now.

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One free Fast Lane with renewal. No price increase as well.

That's great that they are throwing in a free 2015 Fast Lane Plus for renewals! When you click on the "Buy Now" link the window includes a description which only says "Fast Lane" so hopefully they just omitted the "Plus" in the description. Also note that the free Fast Lane (Plus?) passes exclude Saturdays.

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It is a Fast Lane Plus. I've renewed mine this morning.

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This likely was scheduled to become available along with the new ride announcement. There's no harm in selling a few passes beforehand though.

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Interestingly enough, the early renewal pricing is the same as it was during closing weekend last year, even for Platinum + dining. FastLane Plus is a nice added bonus as we did not get that last year. Of note, it's good for 2015 only.

If they'd do an all-season soft drink plan for $22.99 tied to my Platinum Pass, I'd be all over it. Having to deal with the cup all season? Not my thing.

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topthrilldragster4lyf said:

If they'd do an all-season soft drink plan for $22.99 tied to my Platinum Pass, I'd be all over it. Having to deal with the cup all season? Not my thing.

I'm not thrilled with still having to deal with the cup, but I bought the all-season one anyway.

I'm usually in the park for 5-6 hours. During that time I buy 1-2 cups of pop. That's around $9... So after the initial "investment" it's still cheaper to do the bottle (with a locker) and I get unlimited refills.

For you, it works out. It's actually a great deal for someone in your situation. For me, not so much. I'm simply not willing to spend $4 for 20oz of soda; I don't want it that desperately when I'm in the park. Can always find it just outside for <$2.50 anyway. Usually, I'll go for water as it's more refreshing.

Some people are fine with using a locker, leaving the cup "hidden" somewhere, or leaving it with a non-rider (which I rarely have in my group). The cup is just more hassle than I want. I got one from CoasterStock but haven't brought it back for refills for that reason.

All that said, a pass add-on would almost be an impulse purchase for me, other than having wished they would offer it for a year now. ;)

Edit: I did, by the way, just fill out a contact form letting the park know that there's interest in the add-on option.

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Nice. I usually spend 5 to 6 hours at the park. I was thinking of doing all day Friday (lot of kids back in school and the weather looks good as of now) and springing for a fast pass if the crowd warranted it. I will just get it.

I don't mind that it is only good for 2015. It makes sense to do this for renewals and have it be for 2015 since new passholders that purchase for 2016 get a free ticket to use once in 2015, and before this, we didn't get any additional add on like that. I am cool with it.

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codeGR said:
It is a Fast Lane Plus. I've renewed mine this morning.

Thanks for verifying that. I'm not sure if we'll be renewing our passes but this is good to know!

codeGR said:

It is a Fast Lane Plus. I've renewed mine this morning.

When renewing your pass, did you have to choose a date to use the Fast Lane Plus?

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^ No, there was no place to choose a date.

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As stated previously, it is not good for Saturdays.

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It's nice to get something but honestly I would rather the fastlane be good for next season. Really the only seriously busy days from this point on are likely to be Saturdays and if it's not good for Saturdays...nice to get something instead of nothing but now that I hear the details I'm not as excited as I was at first.

Just curious.....does it matter if you renew online or at the season pass center at the park?

Does what matter?

Online, there's a processing fee. In-park, nope.

Presumably, the renewal incentives are also valid in-park. It does not say on the offer that it's valid online only.

Oops, meant if you renew at the park would you still get the fast-lane pass. Guess we'll try and find out for sure :)

If someone's there anyway, they can ask. Or, you could call them up. I don't see why there'd be a difference, though.

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Just wondering, did anyone else have a problem renewing your pass online? I keep trying, but a little box pops up and says "Sorry, we were unable to verify this passholder. Please try again with a different search"

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