2016 Cedar Point Calendar

Last year calendars were made available to the general public. Any chance that may happen again this year?

What do you mean? Available online purchasing?

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They gave them away at Winter Chill Out last year.

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Yes. Last year you could buy one via the CP website.

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Well, they shut down the cedar point online store earlier this year. You can call the park during the season and order things over the phone, maybe that would be an option. Try asking Tony Clark on twitter or call the park if you want a solid answer. I got my CP calendar from CP Rundown this year - www.cprundown.com/store Take a look, I thought it was cool enough to buy one.

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We will be giving some away in the very near future. Stay tuned.

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One of my pictures made it into the September collage page in the CP Rundown calendar so I bought one. It's pretty nice.

^ Paisley, what's your first name on that calendar? I haven't purchased mine yet, but will shortly. Have you purchased yours yet? I made the month of April on the CP rundown calendar.

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Shawn, mine is on the page that is just credited as "fan submitted" but my name is Michelle. It's the smiling parking lot light post. All my best shots have been other years so I figured I'll just submit the goofy one and see what happens and they liked it. I have my calendar already.

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Tony Clark posted on Twitter today about how to win an official CP 2016 calender. Here is the link to register to win https://www.cedarpoint.com/online-fun/2016-calendar-giveaway Thanks Tony! Good luck everyone

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Yeah! The hours for 2016 are posted.


^^^ This thread wasn't referring to the operating calendar, but a wall calendar for your home.

That said. I like the later closings in the summer. However, I wouldn't mind seeing some 1am closings for Fridays and Saturdays during the Haunt similar to other CF parks.

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WOO!!!! I won a calendar!!!

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Me too! Hopefully my luck continues with Powerball this week...

I wasn't so lucky......but, my daughter was!!

Thank You Tony and Cedar Point!

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Sweet!!! Won a calendar as well. We've had them ever since they started giving them away at the off season tours and it makes my day to see it every morning.

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cp kid said:

Yeah! The hours for 2016 are posted.

BOO! The Sunday after labor day, arguably the best riding day of the year, is no longer available.

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That's strange. Fall Freak Out is scheduled for that day. Wonder how that will be affected?

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If I recall correctly, in 2015 the park was closed for a private event on that Saturday. So either they mixed up the Saturday and Sunday schedule or they are having your event coincide with a private event they may have scheduled that Sunday. Or you event needs to be rescheduled, which I don't see being the case.

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As the GOCC president, I can tell you the schedule took us by surprise. Our events coordinator is in contact with the park to see if they screwed up the schedule or if we need to change our date.

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