2008 Past Employee Reunion Roll Call

Hey, Just thought it would be interesting to see who is planning on going to the "Back to the Point Reunion 2008". If so, put your name, years worked, department, date attending & last vist to the park.

  • Sandra & Skip Johnson
  • 1993-1997
  • Merchandise, Park Op, Marketing (PR assistant), Live Entertainment
  • Coming into town 8/29, going to the park on 8/30.
  • Last visit.. October 2007.

Formaly Jenn Payne , now Post will be attending with her CP hubby Jason Post


Cedar Downs , Midway Carousel,Kiddy Kingdom ,Giant Wheel Tri ( GW,SS, Troika) Swabinchen the last year it was there.

Comming in either late friday night or early saturday morning , and leaving Sunday/

2004 Giant Wheel Tri ATL
2003 Kiddy Kingdom/Giant Wheel
2002 Giant Wheel
2001 Midway Carrousel/Cedar Downs
~~LBFL est 2002~~

Sandy Wilkins Valinis is attending solo, and needs a roomie at the Breakers! See my post in the Employee Lounge for further info.

Isn't there anyone else here who survived the Bicentennial summer, when colors other than red, white, and blue were virtually eliminated from the park...when the Corkscrew opened...when the Frontier Trail was so wooded, it averaged 10 degrees cooler than the Main Midway.

Would've been a fabulous job if CP management had treated us as something other than interchangeable, expendable pieces. Still, I love the park itself, have always adored coasters, and I liked it enough to celebrate the experience this weekend.

Shirt Shack 1975
Blacksmith Shop 1976

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. -- HST

I'm excited about this. I think it's a great idea.

Mostof y'all are pretty recent -- I'm an old timer. Not being rich,however, I'm not crazy about the $230/night price at Breakers. And yes,that's their discounted price for us.

I've got a smoking room booked for Thurs/Fri/Sat. It has two queen-sized beds. Allegedly, the room sleeps 5.

Iwant to stay at Breakers for the nostalgia value, but mostly forsafety. Also, I have trouble with migraines, and it would be fabulousto be able to go lie down for just a few minutes, if need be.

But I plan to enjoy myself. A lot. Hence the safety factor. C'mon -- one roomie would be good, but 2 would be better.
Let's combine forces and have a fabulous time!

Shirt Shack 1975
Blacksmith Shop 1976

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. -- HST

Shirt Shack 1975
Blacksmith Shop 1976

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. -- HST

ok i will be attending employee reunion on Saturday. With a couple other old employees. My family and I get passes every year. And I love CP!

Stephanie Cofer/Ortiz worked summers of 91-92 in merchandise. Regular stand was stroller, wheelchar, and bin rental which was next to star traxx back in the day and across from the sky ride. Currently this is Midway Market and Sneak Peaks. I picked up alot of OT working in all the stores around the park. Hung out with alot of friends from all depts. I lived in the white dorms which sadly no longer exist, oh the memories!

My friend, whom I did not know back then will also be at CP this Saturday. Stephanie Kozi/Bailor worked the summer of 91 in foods at Stockade.

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