2005 Brochure Posted

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I don't know if they were sent out yet, but cedarpoint.com posted a picture of the new brochure.


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They are availible now.
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Magnum still rocks.

I picked one of these up from the Park Operations office the other day. Pretty standard stuff, new graphics, and maXair: "Best Spin Cycle On The Planet"

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Sweet. I should be recieving three in a mail sometime soon.

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It says on the website that they will be sent out in early April.

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Gravity said:
maXair "Best Spin Cycle On The Planet"

Honestly I would have preferred, "maXair: Not just on hair dryers anymore"

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I sent away for a Getaway Guide awhile ago...will the brochure come with that or do you have to request it seperately? (1st post!)

Cedar Point rocks my socks.

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I never got the brochure through the mail. The mailing list on CP.com is for the Getaway Guide only. Find a travel agent like AAA and you'll find the brochure there. Getaway Guides come in April, brochures come out earlier.

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I'm surprised they don't have where you can view the whole brochure online - instead of just the front cover.

Oh well, no biggie, I'll have one sent to me anyways.

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They should've used one of my Raptor pictures for the Brochure cover. I mean I like that picture but I think I have a couple shots better that would look a lot cooler.

I really like the new slogan of best spin cycle on the planet. I am surprised, however, Whirpool didn't think of it first! ;)


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I wonder if they're aware of the registered servicemark amusement ride name Spin Cycle.

I thought maXair was a Giant Frisbee? ;)
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The 2005 Getaway Guide is now posted on the site. :)


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Man, the 2005 Brochure looks nice! They have a picture of a HUSS Giant Spin, that looks like what maXair will look like. It's in operation with people on it.

As for Top Thrill Dragster...

Accept the 120 mph challenge of the 420-foot-tall Top Thrill Dragster.

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I like it a lot. Does anyone know if the one sent to Canadians is much different? Because I have mine from 2004 and right on the front it says "Special Savings for Canadians." I was wondering if anyone knows how different they are because I kind of remember looking at the CP website in 2004 under brochure and the getaway guide posted on the site looked different from the one I have.

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Lol, I have probably signed up for a brochure like 3-4 times...

If you had already ordered the 2005 "brochure", will it still give you the Getaway Guide through the mail?

Sorry to bring back the old topic, but I know another topic will be started soon about this, but I received my Getaway Guide in the mail today. *** Edited 4/9/2005 7:02:25 PM UTC by randinator***

Still haven't received mine yet, but here's hoping it will be in the mail by Monday...

Yeah I haven't gotten mine either...

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