2 Day trip July 6th and 7th

So I have been dying to get back to the park for the last couple of years, last time I was there was the year before Maverick was built. My fiancé surprised me with tickets for my 30th birthday and our trip was originally planned for June 30th and July 1st. After talking to a few people we decided it might a bit crowded due too the long holiday weekend so we Pushed it back to July 6th and 7th (really the only other time we would be able to make as the rest of our year will be getting crazy with the up coming wedding.

We are staying at a hotel off site, we got the 2 day passes and I am planning on buying a Fast Lane PLUS. I cant decided what day would be better to get it for, Thursday or Friday? I am leaning more to get the pass for the Friday. Anyone think otherwise? I am hoping the 4th of the July crowd has died down a little by the end of the week. I figured we are traveling from Long Island might as well make the best of the trip and get the pass at least one day to make sure we get as many rides as we can.

Also I see a lot of people saying they aren't checking if people are CP hotel guest in regards to early entry, Is it worth going early and giving it a shot to see if we get in?

Thanks in adavnce

Captain Matt -

I can't answer the question on early entry as I'm a marina pass holder but I would probably buy the Fast Lane passes on Friday. The crowds will probably be similar Thursday and Friday but generally, Friday's are slightly busier. You might find that you can ride everything you want on Thursday without the need to drop the money for the Fast Lane. I went to the park last Friday evening (horrible weather during the day helped keep crowds away) and rode nearly every coaster in 3.5 hours. So many variables but save the Fast Lane for the day when the crowds are likely to be greater. Enjoy your trip!

Paul Florio -

That was exactly my thoughts, plus Friday the park is open till 12am so I think the Friday we can get our fill on riding everything as much as we want if the Fast Pass Plus works as good as everyone tells me

Paul Florio -

Thinking of changing my trip so I am at the park Wd and Thursday Weather isn't looking to good Thursday and Friday.

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K.R.'s avatar

I'd do the same thing. That thunderstorm and wind forcast for Friday doesn't look promising but as most around this site will tell you, sometimes those gloomy forecast days turn out great.

Paul Florio -

We are actually in cleavland right now. We got two day passes for wed and thursday but think we are gonna head to the park after 4pm today too. Also got the fast pass plus for wed, so i think it will he a good trip. Hopefully they get all the coasters open at some point

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