1967 Cedar Point Youtube video

Yes, this is from 1967. It was the debut year of the Cedar Downs (briefly shown) and the first year that the Sky Ride was converted over to the 4 seat model that we know of today. You'll see the outside of Pirate Ride also.

I wanted others to see this neat little video on Youtube that features some rare footage including images of when the Twister ride and Super Sattelite Jets were by the front gate (where the Park Plaza gift shop and Starbucks now stand), clips of the original Jungle Larry Safari island when you had to take a bridge over to it, the wooden Scamper rollercoaster, and some truly RARE color footage( at 5:50) of a defunct little kiddie ride called the Super Coaster(by Kiddieland) coasting in front of the old Upside Down Funhouse and Sealand aquarium! Hope you enjoy!


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Great video! Thanks so much for sharing!

-- Chuck Wagon --
aka Pagoda Gift Shop

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That brings back so many memories. Thank you.

I'm a Marxist, of the Groucho sort.

Noggin pretty much said it all. While I love what we have now, I would love to ride Earthquake, The Pirate Ride And walk-thru the Upside-Down Funhouse again.Good stuff!

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Oh my. The Funhouse was always a must-do. The old lady rocking on the ceiling, the slanted floor room -- and I had to do the slides at the end.

I'm a Marxist, of the Groucho sort.

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