When is the best time to go and cheap hotels to recommend?


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Define “cheap”... CP Express hotel is priced very reasonably, and it was just remodeled a couple years ago. Add in cheap tickets and early entry and it’s a winner winner chicken dinner. I can’t speak to any of the cheap motels in Sandusky as we usually pull a camper (Camp Sandusky) or stay at a CP property for CoasterMania. That said, if you REALLY wanna go cheap, you can’t beat the sleeping cabins at Camp Sandusky. Literally a bedroom. Some have A/C. You would use the showerhouse & bathroom. We did that a couple times before we bought our camper, and it was just fine. Never had a bad experience, owner & staff are Very friendly. I think we’ve been there at least once (usually 2-3x) each year for the last 5 years.

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Memorial Day, the park is an absolute ghost town. Most of the cheap motels are of the 1 star variety in sandusky, the Econolodge on Cleveland rd. Is right at the end of cedar point’s driveway and is probably a 3 star and clean. Worth the extra $10-15.
Also, drug use is rampant in sandusky, cheaper motels rent monthly rate rooms and have tenants with problems, keep that in mind when choosing a ‘cheap’ Motel if you value your vehicles contents or your own safety. This is not a joke, it’s very serious.

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XS- Howis the rest of Memorial Day weekend, typically? We were told Labor Day weekend can be a good time but we went last year and it was absolutely SLAMMED.

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