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I have noticed that the web cams are aimed in areas where there is no ride prep happening, like today. I noticed yesterday that the cable for Sky Ride wasn't there yet. Maybe that is what is happening today. Or the Tiki Twirl cars are being put on. Why are we not allowed to see these things happening? Industry secrets, maybe.

Truthfully, knowing Cedar Fair's legal dept, they don't want non employees witnessing it, or recording it in any way. While nothing out of the ordinary may occur during these more or less routine procedures, if , and I mean if an incident happens on one of these rides in the course of the season, it can be used as evidence in litigation against the park. I know of a case where an employee photographed work being done by a certified contractor on an attraction (I can not divulge what it is) and posted them on the net. The park came down hard on him and he quickly deleted it.

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