Valravn Goes Vertical--Construction Starts

Just noticed at the 52 second mark of episode7 it looks like a new concrete water tower is being built in the parking lot between power tower and Hotel Breakers. Was this ever mentioned or am I seeing things?

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The water tower can be seen at 0:57.


There does appear to be a new water tower being constructed, but you're not wrong, they haven't announced anything. As a matter of fact, there have been pictures popping up on Instagram of the construction, only to disappear a day or two later. I wonder if Cedar Point is behind the disappearances ;)

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I thought they were going with a castle theme. I don't know what that building is, but it's definitely not that. The colors are nice and I really like the stone at the bottom. But everything above that first floor of stone is a clash of styles and awkward angles. Oh well, can't expect them to get everything right, especially in matters of taste like this.

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Whatever the theme is, it sure is nice

PS I think we may be getting a POV soon as seen on Tony's Twitter

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I really like the station so far personally. Based on the video/photos we have seen, the entire Valravn area is going to look fantastic. Can't wait to see it, especially at night.

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Awesome Periscope by Tony today! He took us for a walk around the Valravn plaza and it looks AMAZING! I'm very impressed with how CP is dressing this area up! He also confirmed the on-ride camera will be at the bottom of the big dive.

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He didn't answer many questions, but we got a lot of info. A lot of things are still up in the air like the new building on the midway corner, first impression landscaping from marina gate, and midway games.

There is some really cool Valravn stuff on the Valravn midway (who would have thought?). The cutout for the throne is right next to the queue and has cool themed fencing all around. In addition, there is another separate cut out next to the throne, showing the "tales of Valravn" like on the CP website. The theming is amazing and I'm so impressed. Even Jason said it wasn't planned it just kind of happened.

He didn't show us the wall next to the dive but he said it will be "something cool".

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Pretty cool pictures and video of Valravn testing here! Thought it'd be worth while dropping the link here.

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I don't think I've ever been so excited to see grass seed in my life (the same grass everyone was afraid of last season). Being added on 4/20 too ;)

PS those trees being planted too! Oh boy

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If anyone is looking to see a full test run from the webcam view, Youtube is your friend!

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This question may have been answered in this or another thread, but here goes. Why is there a wall within a wall after the second dive? There is the perimeter road wall and then they have built another one extending from the entrance gate to just past that weird wall structure near the low track zone. What is this "holding pen" for?

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My idea was that they would use that area for a new haunt building.

Unrelated, I just want to say I love seeing Valravn and the midway come together with all the finishing touches. It looks like more than I ever imagined. The queue looks great from what I can see and it looks like it's almost 100% shaded which is nice. Both with the yellow shaders and I'm sure the train storage building will block a lot of sun rays in the mid afternoon and evening. Excited to see everything in person

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Maybe that's just going to be backstage area.

I'm personally more intrigued by the area outlined below. That seems an odd area to landscape with flowers or whatever, and there's a connection to the midway. I thought perhaps some sort of viewing/seating area, but wouldn't they have poured concrete already? Maybe it's a collection area for water runoff?


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Super cool onride Periscope by Tony today! Very unique! Looks like a hell of a ride!

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capture of the first ride periscope:

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Valravn timelapse: Videos | Playlist | Cedar Fair Roller Coaster Construction on Facebook

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djDaemon said:

Maybe that's just going to be backstage area.

I'm personally more intrigued by the area outlined below. That seems an odd area to landscape with flowers or whatever, and there's a connection to the midway.

It appears that there will be a connection to the fenced off "backstage" area as well. You can see what looks like a gate in the fence so maybe this will be a gravel area for if/when a crane is needed to be brought in for inspections in the future? They could drive a crane into that area and hit a large portion of the track without having to move into a new location (if the crane was tall enough of course).

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That Periscope was awesome! So fun to see the staff enjoying the ride. Makes me anxious for passholder preview night. We're only two weeks away!

Going up the lift hill-

Tony: " I really hope this is working."

Jason: " ... You mean the broadcast right?"

Too funny! I had to stop the video I was laughing so hard.

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I caught a nice close up of the "Castle wall" area while they were moving the cam around this evening. Not sure how to share it here but they are in fact connecting this area with a sidewalk over behind the brat building to the set of stairs at end of the helix. My theory of a unique cue for a plinko or some other revenue generating thing still holds.

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