Valravn Goes Vertical--Construction Starts

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If you look after the last inversion on the turn around - it looks as if they're are lights for the lighting package! That would be awesome if they test the lights tonight!

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Do you think that these are "big boy seats" or just part of the color scheme?

Just from the picture, I'd say those seat belts are an additional 2-3 inches longer.

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Since anyone can sit in the "big boy seats", I've never understood why B&M doesn't make all the seats like those to accommodate more riders anywhere on the train. Anyone know why?

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Maybe it's a comfort issue? If the "big boy" seats and restraints are larger, then they may be less comfortable for riders in middle of the bell curve, since those riders can be tossed around in the seat more than they would in the standard seats?


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As far as i know, the "Big Boy Seats" aren't actually bigger seats, but longer seatbelt lengths djDaemon.

I believe this has to do with weight. By having a limited number of larger seats, the number of larger riders that can ride at a time is reduced Even though it is unlikely for a ride to be filled up with larger riders, a ride still has to be designed for that unlikely condition. No one would be happy if the ride stopped on the lift due to an overweight train. Of course, the ride could be built to take a heavier train, but this adds substantial cost to construction.

Plus, when the weight difference between an empty and full train is increased trims are needed to keep the train running at the precise speed intended. And as enthusiasts, we all know that trims are evil. :-)

I am going to venture a guess that they are constructing a "throne" photo op spot right next to blue roof structure in foreground of web cam. Pretty much right where it was at end of last season.

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Tony had mentioned in a Periscope that it was going to be located near the entrance or exit of the ride

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Any guesses to what the structure is at the bottom of the Dive Loop? Would it be just an area for a fence or possibly something else?

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I'm wondering if it's a viewing platform perhaps

Looks like it might be for games.

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I was thinking it was supposed to be a decorative wall like shown in the renderings, but it doesn't look like one anymore.

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Maybe it's a tunnel??!!!1

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Or a splashdown!

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I would love if it was some type of ride element (splashdown, tunnel, ect.) but Tony already shot down those dreams. I initially thought it was for a fence, but the shape of it look odd for a fence and I noticed a while back that they poured one big footer in that whole area.

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It definitely looks like something directly under the track that goes a significant length, although the angle might be throwing off perspective with regards to it being directly under. But it sure looks that way.


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Tony has confirmed it is a tunnel, splash down, and monorail. (yes, I realize this is sarcasm).

Maybe it's where they're putting the the themeing that was supposed to go on Rougarou?

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If you go back and watch the most recent Valravn construction time lapse, it's pretty interesting to watch them work on it. Construction workers are walking on top of whatever it is. As of now, it looks like some kind of a building with a viewing platform on top.

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