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It's still July folks, the workers have roughly 8 to 9 months to do whatever they are doing.

I wonder if this is even possible but can Cedar Point theoretically ask the FAA to hide the filing from the public until after the announcement even though they have already filed and been approved?

I don’t know how it works but one would think they would have filed years ago before paying millions of dollars to Zamperla/Intamin/etc to design and manufacture a ride that might get denied.

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Unlike other parks, doesn't cedar point have to get new rides built quicker than other parks because their winters are extremely harsh.

I was under the impression they need to be done this year, then around March or April they start doing their testings and complete all that.

Is this sound correct for CP or does construction still run through the winter months?

Construction runs through the winter.

Here's a nice timelapse of Gatekeeper. They didnt even start going vertical really until after the park closed for the season. I would really anticipate spike construction not starting until then either. You can see they worked all through the winter.

FAA permits can be filed but not show up online until after the construction has started, this happens with cell phone towers all the time and here is Mean Streak/Steel Vengeance was online until the lift hill alteration was complete so we most likely won't see anything on FAA website until after announced

New video from Lake Erie Lifestyles posted recently.

While he states the crane is smaller than the one from a couple months ago, I believe it’s the same crane from before but without the attachments.

I suspect the wooden planks next to the crane, shown below, are for more crane equipment, such as a jib. So this crane could extent just shy of 400’. I’m still holding out for a record height but nothing yet suggests that will be so.

It’s pretty settled it’s a 374 ft crane.

Based on the relationships I still have after working at the Park in rides leadership (2OO3 -2O1O), my friends tell me the station is going over the track — think GateKeeper.

I think every coaster at CP has the station go over the track tbh

I mean, going off the construction permit for the station to be “second story” it makes sense.

Sigh. The one thing I really don’t like about whenever a new attraction is under construction is all of the new accounts on here all pretending to know exactly what’s happening or that they have friends who know exactly what’s happening. Not a single person on here other than Tony knows the exact details of what this attraction will be. Everything else is speculation and educated guesses based upon incomplete evidence and the desire to turn Cedar Point into Rollercoaster Tycoon.

My guy, we are all here for speculation and educated guesses… like that’s the whole reason this place exists.

What will happen on Tuesday. (For the media)

from Reddit:

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MGOU -- If that's a dig at me, that unfounded, as I've been a member of this community since the GTTP (Guide To The Point) days, and that was one of the reasons I worked at the Park for as long as I did.

From a red tag at 332 (Millennium) to team leader of 344 (Raptor) and then 332 (we had record numbers that year), up to being a lead supervisor of Area One for four years, I build a lot of relationships -- many of those relationships are still strong to this day, twenty years later -- many of those friends are down here in Orlando as well -- several, in fact, were in my wedding party, and one of my friends from the Park was the officiant at my wedding. From the Marketing Team (there used to be a kick ass team with Robin and Brian) to Park Ops and Maintenace, I have build relationships.

So, yes, I do trust my friends if they say they have some information; whether or not it turns out to be true remains to be seen.

Regarding new accounts -- yes, I made a new account the other day to share some information.

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I wonder if they could somehow do a switch track that switched "vertically" rather than horizontally.

They probably could, but I don't think it would be necessary.

It's not exactly the same thing, since the sloped track doesn't move, but Iron Dragon uses horizontal switch track to get its trains to storage beneath the station. I don't see why they couldn't do something like that if indeed TTD2.0 track goes above the station.

That said, I'm not still not convinced track will go above the station, considering they're currently constructing footers in line with the launch track beneath the canopy. Why would they be building footers beneath the canopy they so carefully preserved if there weren't going to be track down there? Also, despite claims here, the foundations (not footers) being built north of the station don't appear to be much different from the foundations immediately to the north. To me, this evidence supports track near ground level from the launch north of the station all the way to the south end of the station.

Also, I think some are underestimating the distance between the south end of the station and the large foundations there, as well as the vertical distance between track level and the canopy. There looks to be plenty of room to curve up at the south end of the station before the track is anywhere near the canopy, so it doesn't seem unreasonable that a large support, and thus large foundation, would be needed there, especially if the track is to go up and over ID's track.


MillieMichael - I actually remember you as an area supervisor and heard great things from people who worked in your area. Back when supervisors really did not play favorites and cared about retention, but still had area managers like Debra that kept expectations realistic for ride crews.

Has anybody from the park op side mentioned which manufacturer they think may or may not be doing this conversion?

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MillieMichael: friends tell me the station is going over the track — think GateKeeper.

Was this a mistype, or did you in fact mean to suggest the station will indeed be above the track, and therefore that the track will not go above the existing TTD2.0 canopy?


The way I understood what they’re trying to say is that the station controls will go over the track like Gatekeeper. Or something’s a typo, because there’s nothing else about the Gatekeeper reference that makes sense.

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Hey DJ --

From what I understand, (and there is always room for error), but the station will indeed be above the track; I have not heard anything from them about the track going above the existing canopy. Sorry for any confusion.

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