Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

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Heric, a switch track would operate in the same way as Pantheon, where the train enters the "circuit" from a curving piece (either a turn or from an S-bend), and the switch track would transition to a straight segment connecting the spike to the launch.

I thought the consensus (to the extent that there is one) is that the switch track is immediately north of the station. Roll out onto switch track then move to the launch side.

Project High Point came from a construction worker in Sandusky who saw it on a calendar.

I liked the idea earlier in the thread of the train backing out of the station down a ramp like being unloaded from a truck.

But I think they're going with a rotating 3 track (live, load, unload) setup

/no, not really

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Ah yes, the Maximum RPM method.

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Wow, Hard Rock Park. Rip.

argues just for clicks

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Plague on Wheels:

It stands for Pinnacle Height Package. Sources confirm ;)

It stands for Potato, Hot Potato. The Happy Friar confirmed.

Loved that place

Coaster in peace

Im so happy that Im not the only one that though of a revolver concept for a switchtrack.

I feel like that would be so much more efficient.

I feel like a traditional switchtrack would take way longer

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I thought this might happen...

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

Good for her. She deserves every last penny she’s asking for. It’s the least the company can do for her.

Agreed. Looked at the court record, some pretty substantial and life-long injuries.

Would bet money if Cedar Point fights this they will say it is part of the ticket contract that guests take on liability being on/around rides and that they are not responsible for injuries incurred in the process of riding or being near rides.

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Some other tidbits from the lawsuit pdf and my comments:

  • They allege the park "dismantled, willfully destroyed/removed the return side of the Top Thrill Dragster ride, knowing of probable litigation involving Plaintiffs." and that this has disrupted the case due to "inability to verify their findings through expert testing and examination, including the examination of cars on the return track."
    • I guess they aren't happy about the Ohio Department of Agriculture's report that basically exonerated the park. I wonder where the train that the accident occurred on is now.
  • They also allege that CP/Intamin "negligently amended their off-season overhaul maintenance procedures for Dragster." "The Intamin Defendants agreed to a reduced/limited overhaul/reconditioning program which eliminated a complete inspection of all trains."
    • My understanding is that this was done as a result of the reduced number of cycles the ride made in 2020 due to COVID. I dunno where I read this though.

I'm also wondering why they waited almost two years to file the lawsuit. Wonder if it has something to do with the damaged brake run track that just got put back into place this week?

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I'm not sure, but what is the statute of limitation for a case like this in Ohio? It's been almost two years since this happened. It may be a situation that they had to file now or lose the ability go to court.

I'm not surprised that a lawsuit has been filed. I will bet that they settle out-of-court before going to trial.

I'm actually surprised we're just hearing about this now. I figured a lawsuit was given and filed some time ago.

The injured woman very likely wasn’t in any capacity to make decisions about lawsuits initially. This could very well be the first time she was able to make a conscious decision about what to do as far as a lawsuit is concerned.

I can also promise you that no amount of liability clause assigned to any ticket covers a catastrophic injury such as this.

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Cedar Point now that this has been filed; "Top Thrill Dragster? Never heard of it!"

I’m sure this will be settled out of court but I’m hoping this lady gets every dime she deserves out of Cedar Point.

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