Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

Not to mention, it was doomed before it even opened to the public when it almost drowned employees.

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Also, the boats took on water and barely moved through the flume, so the ride was a bore when it wasn't trying to kill its passengers.


And the longest drop wasn’t the last drop, which is like, Flume101…

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The fact that you can navigate through the waterfalls faster on foot than the boats ever moved now that it’s a walkway to Forbidden Frontier is something special.

Once, I rode with a group of friends and the boat felt like it was going to stall, so much that we actually reached out and pushed off from the side to keep moving.

Didn't mean to turn the Dragster thread into a Shoot the Rapids thread but one of my points was that Intamin must have greatly improved their log flume making ability because they made one in Germany in 2014 that many consider the best in the world.

It’s not a big deal. This thread is just people repeating the same four or five things over and over, and will continue to be until about August when the official announcement is made 😂

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e x i t english:

Once, I rode with a group of friends and the boat felt like it was going to stall, so much that we actually reached out and pushed off from the side to keep moving.

Sounds like Sir-Rub-a-Dub Tubs had more speed than STR!

Is that better or worse than talking about restaurants in the Christmas video thread?

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STR was beautiful and I’m still sad they didn’t build a new long flume in that are. Maybe when they fling professor Delbert away for the last time

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Zamperla employs people all across the political spectrum, not just republicans.

We can all be thankful for that. Republicans aren't known for being very smooth. All over the place, really.

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^^New log flume and worthy dark ride would round out this park nicely, especially if CP is in fact trying to become more well-rounded and family friendly.

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I think they should retheme the ride around Pro Stock Motorcycle drag racing. Single rider motorcycles that fire out of the station every 10 seconds! 😈

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^Mr. John Moses Browning, perhaps the tease for your idea is the placement nearby every Halloweekends of that motorcycle skeleton guy that does a wheelie.


fire out of the station every 10 seconds!

That post and your username got me imagining a machine gun themed coaster with some kind of belt fed loading platform, and.. the analogy kinda falls apart there.


That appears to be track for Playland's Zamperla-converted coaster coming in 2024.

I posted about this weeks ago.

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If CP was smart, they would just enclose the whole thing. Slap a big "420 E" on the side of it. Could be the newest way to get to Alaska.

I think I suggested that a few months ago. Personally, I'm still holding out for that "Dispatch Master Express" overlay: We get you there in under 30 seconds or we don't get you there at all!

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Mitchell Williams:

I posted about this weeks ago.

Yes, but I recall folks suggesting there wasn't any box track on Playland's ride, which meant this track had to be for TTD. But Playland's coaster does have box track for the launch, just like Dragster.


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As a disclaimer, I'm fully in the camp that's not expecting significant layout changes. But I'm very curious why they widened the arc in the concrete for the former unload turnaround.

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In the aerial images, it doesn't appear that they widened the turnaround. It looks wider where the track approached the load station, but I think that may be because of the landscaping that was there around the unload ramp.


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