Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

The three times a year it rains there.


As a yearly visitor and not a resident, I'm certainly not an expert on the beaches of Ohio, but as far as beaches go I always had more fun at Headlands State Park than Cedar Point.

Ill give you that. Mentor Headlands has always been MY favorite to go to. Although Cedar Point beach definitely wins the cosmetic award.

On that note btw.. IDK why so many people slam mentor Headlands.. for some reason people seem to love Fairport Harbor and Huntington beach more... They act like Mentor Headlands is l Euclid Beach or Edgewater.. when its not even close.

I get the Fairport Harbor argument because its "nice" but its small.

Speculating that they do in fact retrofit the old track to fit a new LSM Launch and utilize the existing 420' structure, will TTD's previous struggles in high winds carry over to this new LSM Launch System? I'm wondering if smaller trains may be required?

Not sure how heavy Dragster's OEM trains were in comparison to say Maverick's or MF's trains, or whatever the closest B&M equivalent would be, but assuming the winds were more a weight issue than a wind resistance issue, I'm presuming the almost 20 years of development in coasters let alone materials and design would be able to make lighter trains that were just as sturdy if that's indeed something that would affect operations.

Catching up on this thread, kind of convinced me that the 20 year old track is not being reused: so here's another speculative answer to the why ship it question:

Intamin's not involved. There's no access to the original engineering documents. The new designer needs to field scan to verify all the connections points to mate to existing track and supports remaining.

Dragster is being reverse engineered in a warehouse somewhere, possibly in Waldkirch.

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Why not just fly someone out to Cedar Point to take measurements? Surely that would be preferred to literally shipping the track across an ocean.

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We don’t know what is actually happening so how can we question the methods so far?

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Sit tight fellas. Big announcement coming soon :)

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Oh yeah? What makes you say that?

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Well, "soon" is an arbitrary and subjective measure, so I will also go on record that there will be an announcement regarding TTD's future soon.


I'll one up you - I predict there will be an announcement sooner than soon.

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Oh yeah? They will also soon be announcing the removal of whatever TTD is being converted into.


Probably not before announcing what will “replace” Matterhorn and Scrambler.

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I wish they wold reimagine sir rub a dubs tubs

More of a historical question than a 'what's it going to be'. The small building across from the platform just before the unload. Does anyone know what is/was in there? I imagine it's some kind of mechanics for the brakes, could just be storage or an employee break room though. Anyone have specifics?

I wish they wold reimagine sir rub a dubs tubs

Can you share with us what it might look like given the area it took up? 🤣

Quick and dirty, apologies to the kid in the pic.

Ok. That's firmly in the running for best image I've ever seen on this site. Lmao.

Obviously photoshopped. Shorts and T-shirts when there is snow on the ground?

Would this count as the Aquatrax?

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