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The only picture I saw of the supposed loading onto shipping containers was very poor quality and honestly looked like it could have been old enough to be from the original install in 2002. Has there been other proof of this that I have missed?


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There are several pictures on FB showing quite clearly old, weathered TTD track being loaded into Hapag-Lloyd shipping containers from CP's Amazement Shop, where the track has been staged since being removed from the park.


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I heard someone mention somewhere (here, there, anywhere...I can't remember) that queue lines had also been removed. I can confirm this is not the case. The station itself is of course completely gutted, and all the aforementioned track is gone, the ride queue itself is untouched. Sitting on the left side of Iron Dragon gives you a great view while going up the second lift.

The still-standing supports look like some type of coaster memorial to what once was. From yesterday:

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The fact that the crane is gone, track being shipped out, station gutted but the supports still remain just reinforces the probability that major layout changes aren't in the works imo.

Agreed, all of this is subject to change but here is what the current evidence is pointing to:

1) New Launch and Braking system with the layout the same ( supports and tophat still in the same place).

2) New Queue Entrance -(markings on ground closer to ID)

3) Some of the queue will be rerouted and new queue sections will be where current transfer tracks were (both supports and transfer track were removed. I speculate the new transfer track will be moved further down closer to top hat. )

4) Same Station - just gates and track are removed as the rest of the station remain in place.

5) New Trains - Gates in Station removed. They would need to be changed for new trains.

6) Race Car theme remains - Starting lights and Finish line were left in place while track was surgically removed around them.

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Kevin, maybe it's my phone but that pic you posted didn't show up.

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Curious, does this version show up?

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It still being racing themed would be kind of a bummer, to be honest.

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Yes Kevin that loaded in great for me.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

Did they send all the track back or just some of it? Perhaps they are shipping it back because some engineering needs to be done to retrofit the track for the new launch and brakes so they needed a few sample pieces to test.

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It could just be that it's less costly to ship containers of track than it is to pay for travel expenses of several skilled employees. Shipping a 40' container by sea only costs a few grand.


Shipping overseas by container costs a lot more than a few grand these days if you can even get a container. We just shipped a bunch of equipment across seas by container and it costs tens of thousands. We had a hard time even getting a container.

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Just hope this doesn’t happen

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That one worked great. Thanks, Kevin.

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Shipping overseas by container costs a lot more than a few grand these days if you can even get a container.

Your anecdote does not match the global reality:

Ocean Shipping Rates Plunged 60% In 2022

Freight rates on the primary ocean trade channels are sinking during a time typically identified as the peak season in the industry after cargo owners reportedly shipped their holiday goods early and inflation dented consumer demands.

World Container Index - 13 Oct

Drewry’s composite World Container Index decreased by 6% to $3,483.19 per 40ft container this week.

Ocean freight rates are down...

The cost of shipping freight containers across the Pacific Ocean has cooled from record highs hit during the pandemic...

...the average price for a freight container Friday was $2,720.

As a point of reference, if I am visiting a customer in the US far enough away that airfare is involved, we charge roughly $8,000 for a 3 day visit to cover travel expenses and labor. Internationally that would increase substantially. So you can see that even at higher costs for shipping it makes fiscal sense in most cases to send things to people rather than the other way around.


It’s not an anecdote it’s reality. We deal with it daily shipping containers world wide. You’re referencing good old news outlets which I don’t trust as far as I can throw them.

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It does cost more to ship them in the lower bowels of the ship vs the top since you have a better risk of losing them overboard. Last shipment to across the pond costs us more than $20k. However that included dropping the container off picking it up and shipping it to the port. So your above is probably correct if we are just looking at a container and shipping from port to port not including transportation costs to and from the port.

Just my take from what I see.

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Ah yes, the good ol' "I don't trust data that conflicts with my anecdotal experience" worldview, brought to you by the letter Q.

The WCI is a composite based on actual shipping rates as calculated by Drewry, it doesn't come from "news outlets."


Point taken.

I’m just going off of everyday quotes and POs that are issued and written.

Again it’s reality. I live it everyday.

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It might then be safe to assume, considering the over-the-water shipping method, that we won’t see the track return for some time (if at all).

If the track is reused for the reimagine, this might be the most technically advanced retrofit to an existing coaster yet.

Add that to the records broken list.

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