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Have we talked about the RMC Reddit post yet? They clearly have a hidden message in it. Random capital letters that spell out "RMC Giga coming". I'm not trying correlate that with Dragster. Just conversation while we speculate what is happening here.

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With respect to repainting Dragster and it taking more than one season to complete - the ride just got a fresh repaint a few years ago, correct? Just throwing it out there, but a retheme could only incorporate a repaint of the track, leaving the yellow tower as-is.

Be that as it may, the TTD tower is in need of another repaint as it’s quite faded.

Phantom’s Revenge was (in part) re-tracked with Morgan track. Morgan is the son of one of the founders of Arrow and so it was likely same track gauge/width/etc.

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Phantom was basically completely retracked after they ended up replacing the first drop up to the crest of the second hill. Only the final brake run to top of the lift remains the original Arrow track.

When it comes to replacing track and matching the gauge, it can be done but really any firm. Take a look at Python at Efteling which was completely retracked by CSM which designed track to the same gauge as Arrow / Vekoma track.

vwhoward... "giga"... but not "strata"?

Tower being lowered, or a completely different project.

I'm thinking "different project".

Yes, I saw "not trying correlate that with Dragster".

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I suppose that could be misleading on purpose. Technically a "strata" is also a "giga" and if they said strata in their post that would be a giveaway. It is starting to look more and more like they might be replacing all the track but we will know for sure very soon if they start removing track from the tower. If that is a giga for somewhere I'm curious to see where and if it's a raptor or not.

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At the rate that they are working, if they are indeed removing all the track, then we should see signs of that this upcoming weekend.

True, perhaps that's why RMC said there would be more info later this week. They will want to announce it before people show up at the park and see track missing on the tower.

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I assume if they build a giga, it would be T Rex track and not Raptor track. And probably a brand new installation. But I've been wrong a lot in my life. It seems as though throughput would be a deciding factor for wherever that Giga would be going and Raptor track as a single seat wide train compared to T Rex and the double wide seat train, T Rex is the obvious choice.

Edit: I don't mean CP is building a ln RMC Giga. I'm saying RMC could be building a Giga...anywhere. Not necessarily CP.

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RMC gonna convert TTD into a rail coaster?

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RMC gonna convert TTD into a hybrid Wood coaster. Steel structure, wooden track.

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Isn't T-Rex Track designed to have longer spans between connections and supports? If so, it would be unlikely that the TTD structure would be able to support replacing the existing TTD track with T-Rex, let alone if they were adding track. Plus, if I'm Cedar Fair, after the SV experience I would be a bit hesitant to work with RMC on anything that hasn't been fully developed.

Also, they wouldn't have carefully organized and stacked TTD's components if they weren't being reused, so there's that.


I’m sure that increasing reliability is at the forefront of Cedar Point’s decision to go with a manufacturer or launch technology. They’re not going to go through all this trouble only to end up with something that’s just as unreliable as the original Dragster. This won’t be an unproven ride system.

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Technically a "strata" is also a "giga"...

No, technically, it's all made-up marketing stuff. "Giga-" is a prefix for units to indicate a billion, and there's nothing billion-ish about any roller coaster ever. The use of that term makes science literate people itchy.

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I'm a science guy and somehow it doesn't make me feel itchy. Interesting that the term giga has its roots in Greek where it meant giant.

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To clarify, I'm not proposing that CP is doing any of this. I was making conversation about RMC and their Giga tease. That is probably destined for anywhere other than CP.

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I too am in the sciences, and if every misuse of a technical term resulted in itchiness, I would need to carry around a suitcase full of EpiPens.


^Shades, I agree. They went hyper, giga, strata. So I never really thought about giga in the billion sense and always thought of it more in the giant sense. If they went mega, giga, tera, I could see it.

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What if this new RMC Giga is going to Universal's new Epic Universe park and they will bring back the Back to the Future IP for this park and this new coaster is called Gigawatt? (or jiggawatt as pronounced in the BTTF-verse). Highly doubtful of that too but would be awesome and a good way to revive the IP for in-park use. I have heard rumors and speculation of BTTF being revived for Epic. Or maybe the Giga is just a concept that will be shown at the IAAPA expo and nobody has actually purchased one yet. I think we're still yet to see an RMC T-Rex Installation.

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Honestly. I think the RMC Reddit “hint” was a joke in the same way the 500’ aquatraxx “tease” CP did at the winter event a few years ago was. Especially considering the rest of the thread they were adamant about not talking about future projects.

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