Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

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S & S would be an interesting choice. They have this page on their website:

Ride Rehabilitation, Reconditioning, and Train Replacement

I doubt they blatantly tweeted info about what is currently the industry's biggest mystery, however.

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hmm. Is S&S’s only LSM coaster GaleForce in Jersey? That didn’t go so well as I recall.

The issues with Gale Force were mostly track-related (the track had to be refabricated by a different manufacturer after the first set was messed up), not LSM-related.

Watching that video... it looks like a fake S&S account on Instagram commented on something. There's lots of that kind of account on IG.

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I wonder if the loading platform will be moved to the opposite track. If they did that, there would be more straight track to work with for the LSM's to get up to speed, if LSM's are even being done.

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I was coming in here to suggest just that. Would there be enough room for the brakes then, is the question.

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"It was jarring when the Cadillac Cars ride and especially the Turnpike Cars were removed."

Close enough...

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Just a curious question. Besides Intamin, does anybody else do a hydraulic lunch? I just have a feeling they're dumping Intamin here, and going with a different company for track and hydraulic launch. This is just a feeling that I have.

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Intamin is still building revolutionary rides across the globe. I get all of the issues Cedar Fair has had- but I honestly don’t see how they do anything to Dragster without Intamin involved.

Cedar Fair isn’t the one who comes up with these ideas- sure they give the manufacturer a premise of what they’re wanting- and then the engineers and creative teams at the manufacturer comes up with the proposals and their respective sales teams pitch it back to the park leadership team.

I would assume that in a situation like this there were multiple manufacturers who were contacted about the situation with Dragster.

”We have a 420’ tall tower that’s going to cost a fortune to remove- what can you do to it?”

The winning proposal is what we’ll be getting. My money is still on Intamin.

I got to agree with leaning towards Intamin. But I also feel that the possibilities for the reimagined experience are endless. Makes me also wonder if the scrambler/Matterhorn relocation is at all related?

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That's been my hunch since the Top Thrill Dragster retirement was announced. They didn't need to move Matterhorn and Scrambler and my guess is that it wasn't the intention to move them when they were planning The Boardwalk. A lot of of people questioned the necessity of putting Scrambler and Calypso in the same area (because one is obviously a tilted version of the other).

It would make sense that if they had a proposal that adds track to Top Thrill Dragster (or whatever it will be called), and they needed space for a turnaround of some kind, the midway space where Matterhorn, the bathrooms, and Scrambler all reside(d) would be the ideal spot with little infrastructure needed to be torn apart.

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^There is very little accomplished by just relocating those to rides to clear up space. Corkscrew, Power Tower, Iron Dragon are all considerably in the way. Are you seeing something I'm not?

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That is exactly what I was thinking, I am not sure how removing Matterhorn and Scrambler free up any space to whatever is happening with TTD as there are several additional rides in the way. Unless they are going to move the maintenance shops and re-route the Midway to the East of Corkscrew I am not seeing how Matterhorn and Scrambler play into this situation at all.

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Here's some interesting 20-year old construction footage:

As far as Intamin being involved with the transformative work on TDD, I don't see that happening. They've burned Cedar Fair as a whole numerous times over the last few decades, and not just Cedar Point. It's long out of warranty, and any firm that has the credentials and expertise to do the job and is willing to stand behind their work has gotten the job. It's not like that this hasn't been done before.

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The awful flumes, with the flip at Cedar Point and the, well, dud at Holiday World, plus years of death and injury, yeah, hard pass on Intamin.

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What? Are you guys serious? Intimin of today is not the intimin of the past. They just made one of the best coasters in the US (Velocicoaster). They have been doing high-quality work as of late. My first guess would be to use intimin to help them with the project.

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While I am a big fan of Velocicoaster, 1 successful reliable ride installation doesn’t necessarily mean Intamin is now producing “high quality” installations. Unless I am missing other more recent successful installs (which I very well may be missing it), I feel like Intamin will be Intamin: innovative and not afraid to push limits. However, still unreliable products as far as I know.


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Frog Hopper King:

They just made one of the best coasters in the US (Velocicoaster).

Meh, I have more context than that. I know the guy who had a lot to do with the layout, and he works for Universal, not Intamin. The mechanical systems of that ride are mostly proven from their portfolio. They did what they were given, which is unusual outside of the big Orlando themers.

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