Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

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I believe it was an attempted play on words based on my use of "concrete prediction".

Obvious troll is obvious.


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Don’t feed the trolls. No new updates yet. Can’t wait to see what’s happens. I’ll be pumped either way. Just a new launch or with layout additions.

The Crystal Method is the only way to find The Winner!

Cedar Pointer:

I’ll be pumped

Is the pumped reference a prediction that they will be pumping in concrete? I knew there would be concrete involved just like Plague predicted.

I am sitting tight until further revelations are made.

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I’m gonna make an actual, concrete prediction that you can all return to later and quote me on when it comes true.

There will be wheels. Plural. The newly updated ride will have wheels.

And bearings.

Who needs wheels? That sounds like a new record for CP to shoot for. 1st maglev or hovercraft based ride. Could you even call it a rollercoaster at that point?

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You got a source for that, Josh?


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My prediction: Dragster is getting reimagined into a new experience for 2024. I have a really good inside source on this one.

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You got a source for that, Josh?

You’ll just have to sit tight and trust me.

I'm not convinced that there is a simple explanation for the Iron Dragon section removal. As far as routine maintenance goes, I've never seen a section of track removed for maintenance like that at CP. Only Magnum reprofile and Maverick heartline removal that I can think of.

And It would be one heckuva coincidence if ID suddenly needed that particular section of track reworked after 36 years at this moment in time.

I also think they'd have no problem pouring concrete for a new queue without removing the track and supports.

Yes ID will be up and running in a few months, but they can do a lot of construction in 10 weeks time.

Still to early to tell, but IMO it is a bit more likely that this points to something more significant related to TTD.

Yes - the Iron Dragon track removal is almost definitely related to the TTD project. As many others have speculated, it’s likely so that large equipment can access that small island area and pour new footers. Those “Phase One Attraction Foundation” permits that were filed earlier this month are likely for this work.

Additionally, the fact that the support columns from Iron Dragon were stored within the TTD construction site implies that the contractors working on the TTD project removed the Iron Dragon track and supports. In other words, it was part of their scope of work for the TTD project to remove and replace those pieces of track/supports. If it was just for annual maintenance they likely would have been taken back to the Amazment Shop to have work done on them or been placed somewhere else.

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e x i t english:

There will be wheels.

But will those wheels be on the correct way?

All of the speculation about a spike seems to have indicated it must be behind the current station, however if it was in fact a swing launch that distance wouldn't be required for LSMs to get something over the top hat. Just a thought.

That really depends on how long the trains will be.

I know this is not as fun as a reverse spike, but it can also just be a new queue and they need to remove the supports to get bulldozers in there to remove trees and level the ground

Would they really need to clear the space for a queue now? The ride isn't opening for another year. Usually queue's are installed a few months before opening. I honestly think the Iron Dragon thing is for A) major maintineance for that section of Iron Dragon or B) to clear way for machinery to come in and dig the footers needed for a spike.

Hawaiian, that’s a good point about timing for the queue. Didn’t consider that.

I just realized, if there is a reverse launch at some point, you’d be going reverse approximately 70-80 miles it not more. Pretty sure “head back” will be next to impossible at that point. 😳

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And honestly some of the best tree removal companies don't need a lot of clearance to do their work. I doubt that if they were removing those trees they would need to remove that section of track.

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Riddle me this: The Mantis was built over top of the Iron Dragon's main lift hill, without dismantling of Iron Dragon.

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sit tight fellas ;)

Valravn's MCBR was installed without removing Valravn as well ;)

Riddle me this: The Mantis was built over top of the Iron Dragon's main lift hill, without dismantling of Iron Dragon

It likely comes down to footer placement. Take a look at the locations of the Mantis/Rougarou footers. None of them seem interfere with low-laying areas of Iron Dragon, so there wouldn’t have been access issues for the equipment required to construct them.

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