Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

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This is what Hudson is talking about:

The time-travelling Google satellites don't debut until 2024.

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Maybe A New Point of View got out his eraser.

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Kevin I haven't accessed it from anything other than mobile yet. That makes a lot more sense!

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

You guys cant actually believe those few pixels are updated to the day while literally the entire dragster track is still showing on the top part of the photo.

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Per my understanding, the removed track is (approximately) this.

Is that about right?

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I believe the track and the support columns are as well. Depending on the project here are a few guesses for this general area.

  1. They are going to move the station to the old unloading area.
  2. They want to move the station back to have more room for the launch
  3. Swing launch around where the photo booth is
  4. This is the new area of the queue and things need to be moved around

I would love to hear any other speculations. This is a really interesting development.

I'm also interested to see if they rebuild this section of Iron Dragon the same, or if it's rerouted.

It's a fun time to speculate!!!!

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It's interesting, yes, but it was also confirmed that Iron Dragon will operate in 2023. That means the reason the track was removed will be taken care of relatively quickly.

It's March in 3 days.

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That section is directly over that access path previously used for the one Haunt Zone, I think Blood on the Bayou which was operating the last couple years on the soon to be closed Forbidden Frontier area. That path is also access to an employee break area as well as a cut-thru over a small foot bridge to the Rougarou side of things. My guess is ID track temporary removal is for re-imagined queue area for former TTD. Hopefully back in place for opening day.

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Curious to know how many people still think it's just a new launch system and re-theme.

"Just" a new launch system and/or theme is no small deal.

Should have combined the two posts, but as mentioned above ID will be fully functional in 2023. That would indeed make a great location for part of a "reimagined" queue area. I know that's less sexy than a backwards spike, but Occam's Razor.

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Yes, the supports in that section were removed too, they're laying behind the fence just to the right of what's left of the station.

I wonder if they are closing Forbidden Frontier because they don't want guests walking that close to high-speed Intamin trains. I say that only half joking.

I was about to agree and then realized there already is one haha

Does it make sense that they would need to remove track and supports to redo the queue? Seems like they could clear out that area, pour concrete, and install the handrails without touching Iron Dragon.

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Shade's I would ask the same question but I think there's water in the area so they'll probably need to have cranes or things with reach that would interfere with the ride either for queue or for extensions to the layout. Even a dump truck might be enough to need it out of the way.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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What makes sense is that it's not that big of a deal (i.e., not a backwards spike) if the track and supports are going to be right back where they started relatively soon.

I agree with Frog Hopper King's assessment, though; it's going to be fun to watch this slowly develop during the season.

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Yeah, you'd think if it were necessary to remove ID track to prepare for a spike, they also would have had to raze the photo building, but it remains despite everything else they removed.

Also worth pointing out that multiple WCO attendees mentioned their guides explained that track removal is part of ID's routine maintenance. So maybe it's a combination - they're installing a queue there and the track needs work, so two birds and all that. That section of track experiences some of the ride's highest G's, presumably, given that it's one of the fastest sections of ID.


Has anyone compared the length of missing Iron Dragon track to the length of Maverick's heartline roll? ;)

All you nay sayeers that a spike isn't going to happen! Well who knows I at least think an extended layout is forth coming. IMO. Wish I could've been there for chill out! Thanks for the updates and pics everyone!

For what it's worth...on February 10th, Cedar Point filed a permit for "phase one foundations for Cedar Point attraction." Make of that what you will.

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If that is for ttd, it could be for something as small as station footers.

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