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The Christmas tree light has been removed? What? I thought if it was still standing in November it would stay there forever. That's crazy.

It's interesting that the electrical is torn out now. Tearing out the old control booth and electrical components is a big move. Swing launch/Velocicoaster infield confirmed 100 percent. (that's a joke). More seriously that is very interesting, I remember discussing with DJ a long time ago on this forum that electrical probably wouldn't be moved (I hope I'm remembering our discourse correctly, DJ you can correct me if I'm wrong). Likely they need more room in the station for the new launch. I know Eltoro Ryan suggested a new blocking system that would utilize part of the old station.

Very interesting!

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Part of the old station that isn't there anymore? Guess eltororyan was wrong on that one. Why do these YouTubers get so much attention?

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No, what ElToroRyan suggested was that the launch may start in the station, and not 20 feet out of the station as previously done. The theory behind that is it would give the train a slight bit more launch track allowing it to reach the desired speed more effectively and hopefully more reliable than before.

I remember getting into a back and forth with someone on here about the theming elements and how that person argued that since they were still standing that somehow meant something.

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Tree gone but the finish line is still there.

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It is pretty strange that they worked around the launch light tower only to remove it later. And I'm a little surprised they razed everything short of the station roof. But good for them that they're going all-in on this.

Frog Hopper King:

I remember discussing with DJ a long time ago on this forum that electrical probably wouldn't be moved

I don't recall taking the position that the electrical wouldn't be moved, if that's what you mean. Somewhat recently I did posit that because the new launch is (presumably) electrical rather than mechanical, it may make sense to relocate the energy source to a location more central to the launch track. Or at the very least more central to the station, transfer track, etc.

As far as the control booth and station going away, it makes sense that if you're installing a new launch, which will require an overhaul of the controls systems, might as well go all the way and start from scratch.


Here is another aerial look:

Winter chillout's less than 2 weeks away. Will they have a dragster presentation for us? Will they pretend like it doesn't exist? Will they put the wall back up, or let us swim through the puddles? Will they raffle off the christmas tree?

(all questions rhetorical, unless...)

My guess is that there will not be much, if any, mention regarding TTD at WCO this year.

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Agreed. After all, what does the park have to gain by providing an update? Better to focus on this season's additions.


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Not saying that they will, but, they have dropped hints and clues in years past presentations. Just enough to keep people talking.

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Seems like the aerial photos from outsiders are plenty sufficient to keep people talking.

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Oh they definitely are, and we all know how the park feels about photos of construction that they didn't release. Remember the wco where they teased a single photo of the 2nd hill for SV? There were unauthorized photos of that construction all over the place, but the park still teased even though we all knew what was coming at that point.

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I would expect some mention of it, given they have posted about it and included it in their presentation at en event recently (ACE?). Tony even teased a little about it on his Twitter page, so they have shown that it is not taboo at this point. Though, I would not expect any more than what they have already teased.

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I’m pretty sure the marketing team made their announcement about TTD 2024 to shut the enthusiasts up who continue to ask on every social media post for an update.

I’m in no way a WCO expert, but if I remember years past, they tend to focus on the new additions of the upcoming season. Not future seasons. Besides, CP loves to tease its fans.

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The fact that that announcement occurred on the 20th anniversary of the original ride announcement, I'd have to think it had more to do with that than to shut the enthusiasts up.

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I’m pretty sure the marketing team made their announcement about TTD 2024 to shut the enthusiasts up who continue to ask on every social media post for an update.

Yeah, I'm sure that's priority one.

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I’m being over exaggerative. Don’t look too hard into it.

My point is - Cedar Point will probably not take the focus away from what’s new for 2023 to answer a bunch of questions about 2024 when there will be plenty opportunity for that at next year’s WCO event.

My bet is there will be some hint to a 500 ft coaster or aquatrax left somewhere just to get us riled up while they just sit back and laugh, much like they've done in the past!

Seems to me the park doesn't really need to hint or tease at all. Some enthusiasts do that all on their own. Read into anything and everything the park says (or doesn't say). Enthusiasts are self-executing in that regard.

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