Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

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Sorry, just one more then I'll stop. I hope somebody enjoys this one as well from Chat GPT, in the writing style of Douglas Adams:

"It was a dark and stormy night, the perfect setting for the unveiling of the newly reimagined Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster at Cedar Point. As the park-goers huddled under their ponchos, they couldn't help but wonder what changes had been made to the beloved ride.

As the storm subsided, the lights on the coaster flickered to life, illuminating the sleek new design. The once-familiar launch tower had been replaced with a gleaming, silver structure that seemed to stretch up into the clouds.

As the crowd gathered around, the park's president, Dick Kinzel, stepped forward to give the crowd a sneak peek. 'Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present the future of roller coasters,' he declared with a flourish. 'Introducing the Top Thrill Dragster 2.0, featuring cutting-edge technology and mind-blowing speeds that will leave you feeling like you've been shot into orbit!'

The crowd cheered as Kinzel pressed the button to launch the first test riders, who screamed with delight as they were propelled up the launch tower at dizzying speeds. But the real surprise came at the top, as the riders found themselves hurtling through a series of inversions and twists that seemed to defy the laws of physics.

As the riders disembarked, dazed and grinning from ear to ear, Kinzel couldn't help but chuckle to himself. 'Looks like Zimmerman and his boring old wooden coasters have finally met their match,' he thought with a smirk."

If Chat GPT would stop putting “the” in front of ride names I’d be a lot more accepting of its use.

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ChatGPT: come up with a catchy way to shorten the name Steel Vengeance in a manner that will be embraced by the enthusiast community.

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"SV" or "SteeV" could be a catchy way to shorten "Steel Vengeance."

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Isn't "SteVe" another one? I've also heard it just called 'Vengeance'.

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Miss Vengie.

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Actual response from Chat GPT below. Scary. I think half of the posters on this board could be replaced by Chat GPT within 6 months ;)

"Steel Vengeance could be shortened to "SV" or "SteeV". These options are short, simple and would likely be embraced by the enthusiast community. Another option could be "Venge", as it's still keeping the Vengeance part of the name and it's a catchy one word option."

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Isn't "SteVe" another one?

No. To me, the point of shortening a ride name is to make it easier to type: "MF" is easier to type than "Millennium Force", "GK" is easier to type than "GateKeeper", "Maggie" is easier to type than "Magnum XL 200" (though no easier to type than "Magnum", FWIW), etc..

Adding a random capital letter in the middle (or to the end of, Walt ;-)) a word does not make it easier to type. Though I suppose to be fair, "SteVe" is slightly easier than "Steel Vengeance", but if the goal is to make it easy, rather than cute or whatever, while also being identifiable, "SV" makes the most sense.

And "Venge" is ridiculous.


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First, hit play, then read it out loud.

Explain why Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point needs replaced because of the accident in 2021 in the writing style of William Shakespeare.

Alas, Top Thrill Dragster, thy fate is sealed, For an accident hath occurred, that cannot be healed.

A mechanical failure doth lead to a tragic fate, For riders who trust thy speed, and thy launch rate.

Thy safety record, doth come into question, For this accident, doth leave a harsh impression.

The park's reputation, doth suffer greatly too, For the safety of the guests, doth not come through.

Thy age and wear, doth also play a part, For newer, safer rides, doth make a better start.

Farewell Top Thrill Dragster, thou hast served us well, But it is time for a change, and a new ride to dwell.

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No. To me, the point of shortening a ride name is to make it easier to type: "MF" is easier to type than "Millennium Force", "GK" is easier to type than "GateKeeper", "Maggie" is easier to type than "Magnum XL 200" (though no easier to type than "Magnum", FWIW), etc..

So, I guess I do not need to type Troika Troika Troika for folks to understand I am referring to Troika. I wouldn't want it to be confused with Troika Troika or TroiKa or Troik.

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Steel Vengeance rides: 190

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The "in the speaking style of Jules Winfield" is entirely unconvincing without NSFW language:

Listen here, let me break it down for you. Top Thrill Dragster, that big ol' roller coaster at Cedar Point, needs to be replaced 'cause there was a mishap back in 2021. See, them thrill-seekers were put in harm's way, and that ain't no way to run a park. Safety always gotta come first. And when something's broken, you fix it. It's time for Cedar Point to get a new, safer ride for all those adrenaline junkies out there. That's the bottom line.


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There is a new aerial photo making the rounds, and while somewhat blurry, it looks like the Christmas tree has been removed. Not much else to note.

Well… it is February after all.

There are a couple of more things than that. The station is completely gutted now down to dirt and the digging is all the way to the photo booth which has started to be dismantled.

Care to share the photo with the class?


and what happened to webcam 2?

If they wind up extending the construction wall in that area to include the old photo booth that path is going to get pretty narrow, and it gets crowded in that area.

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