Top Thrill Dragster 2022 Status

^ Agree with this completely! The spiral track going down actually takes away from the experience IMO.

That would be freaking insane!!

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It's an interesting concept. Running it the opposite direction. Up the spiral. Is it possible? I mean, as it is engineered and basically sits now. Does it have the same dimensions/angles going into the tower as it does coming out of it? Since this track is still in place, it would seem as though little will be done with the current design of these.

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Part of the allure of TTD is being close to the launch track as it whizzes by. Launching up the other side would take away that uniqueness.

I do think CP is trying to get guests away from the launch after last year's incident though. It would only make sense to limit that potential again

Wasn't it the return side that had the incident?

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Does it have the same dimensions/angles going into the tower as it does coming out of it?

If my photographic memory is accurate, it does not. I believe that if you were looking at it from the side, or from the Magnum area, you would see the return side having a more easy/less harsh angle towards the bottom. That is to say I think it angles back towards the station perhaps 25' or so higher than the launch side. By the way, my memory sucks.

I think you are right - because I remember getting annoyed that they weren't equal height... thank you OCD.

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Wasn't it the return side that had the incident?

Correct. Including (in the report) the vibrations/issues/sounds coming from that area of that ride leading up to the tragedy. The launch had nothing to do with the thing.

I'm not sure what switching sides would do to the experience. The "top thrill" was the launch, not anything that happened after it. That said, I always found the twisting on the return more annoying than anything. Being launched up into a pointless twist might be even more annoying than being dropped into one. Or equally so.

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I do hope that they keep the midway close to the launch, or at least the start. One of the neat things about Dragster was being able to watch your friends as they launch. When the train is moving slowly, there isn't enough speed for loose objects to be an issue. It's only when the train is moving very fast that its a problem. I figure the grand stands are roughly where the dividing line should be.

Y’all are crazy- I have to disagree about the twist. Before I ever rode TTD I wondered how it could possibly add anything to the experience and it just seemed weird. But now I know. I especially enjoy it riding in the back of the train in the seat on the right. It seems like the seat is bottoming out, or being pulled away from me and there’s some definite floater time there. The sensation in the twist is totally unexpected and gets me every time.
wah…LEAVE TTD ALONE!!!…wah…

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So If the track has to be wider in the station, does that mean they'd have to alter the current track that's on the top hat then? I'm not sure what the dimensions of the Zamperla trains are like.

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There's nothing to indicate the track needs to be wider, given Zamperla is apparently using the entirety of Senzafiato's layout for their install at Playland, and that much of TTD's track remains. So it's seems that the trains themselves are too wide for the openings in the floor of TTD's old station.

It may also be that the Lightning trains can't navigate the relatively tight turns of TTD's old turnaround. Recall that there were two tight turns with some straight track in between, rather than one continuous, wider arc. But this is pure speculation. If they had to remove the stations entirely, might as well remove the old turnaround as well, since trying to design around them would have been unnecessarily limiting.


I was thinking that Shawn meant the accessories at the top hat, namely the access platform/walkway.

Thought I just had…. Cedar Fair already has 2 racing themed coaster. Intimidator and I305. Both of which have red top track. 305 also has yellow supports. Could CF/CP decide now that they are doing a light retheme to make the parks more cohesive as a brand? Intimidator 420? (I promise this isn’t a long winded 420 lol joke). You could keep the red, white and yellow track AND the racing theme. Also if Zamperla is doing an LSM LIGHTNING rework the train they showed at IAAPA fits the them perfectly. The nose cone on it lends perfectly to stock car style “hood” decals. And the color scheme of the one shown at IAAPA is Intimidator black and red!

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Super quick mock-up I did with the newly revealed Lightning train from IAAPA


I was thinking that Shawn meant the accessories at the top hat, namely the access platform/walkway.

Yes I was actually. Thank you for helping me clarify that.

I'm back! Still the biggest Rougarou fan you'll ever meet. ;)

Intimidator means a lot more in the south than it does in northern Ohio…

To be fair, there is a racetrack in Michigan. And the Poconos. And Indy. But those are the closest.

But we do have a lot of rednecks!

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