Top Thrill 2 Announced

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I would have named it Son of Top Thrill.
But after seeing the logo I'm all in on Top Thrill 2.
I love everything about it and can't wait to ride!

The PHP part remains a mystery. I asked Tony about it today and he said something along the lines of "We aren't ready to reveal what that means just yet, but it will become pretty clear eventually."

Perhaps "PHP", when revealed, will give more sense to the name Top Thrill 2.


Nobody is asking him to leak information. But deciding to stay quiet doesn't mean he has to actively derail the conversation.

Also, does Tony not do that? Or any CF marketing at times?

I mean Carowinds put a sign up "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day" before announcing Fury 325. No connection there.

And even if Jeff would have been like "yep, the ride is going to be called Top Thrill 2, not like we would have believed it. Heck, we didn't even think that was the name when Zamperla leaked it...

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But deciding to stay quiet doesn't mean he has to actively derail the conversation.

Actually, it's in his best interest to derail the conversation, because that's more posts, more page views, more ad views, and more revenue.

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And since I've been losing money some months, because Google is now all there is, you're welcome, I guess.


It's questioning whether we should even bother participating here if we're being intentionally misled.

I don't think I've ever misled anyone. But this particular time around, I figured I'd encourage a little critical thinking beyond the usual wish list nonsense. Maybe a neurotypical person assumes evil intent, but to assume that is definitely not to know me. Some even apparently think I want people to feel stupid. But no, I want people to get excited about critical thinking like lawyers and scientists and other professions we used to respect.

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So then, Jeff stating that the color scheme for pointbuzz and the color scheme for Rougarou are definitely just a coincidence and not the result of a special relationship he maintains with the CP/CF management is just a tactic to divert the public's attention for a time. Then, OnPointTony stating the very same spiel affirms and prolongs the deceptive denial of collusion.

Hey Joe, vwhoward, there is still hope for your theory!


italianstallion: I deleted your post, because 70 screenshots of my previous posts is weird, sad and I don't think anyone comes here to talk about me.

And the fact his screenshots made you look petty is just a coincidental byproduct -- had nothing to do with the deletion.

I get people (especially site owners) keeping park confidences - it's the right thing to do. I don't get people being snide to others who made reasonable, fact-based inferences about what was likely happening with this ride, and turned out to be absolutely correct about the back spike.

It's petty not to acknowledge that.

[waiting for DJ to race in with "even a broken clock is right twice a day" nonsense ... 3.... 2.... 1...]

I remain surprised by the weird name.

Cedar Point has historically been really creative with names.... this one is ... oddly uncreative?

Don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet or not, but I really like the new color scheme on the station / canopy.

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Warning: The interactions with Tony are... Awkward.

People like that are the general reason that enthusiasts aren't asked back to events like this. I think the Gatekeeper media event is where stuff like this started happening and the park put the ax to it. Bummer that these people ruin the nice things the park tries to do.

Oh, no, enthusiasses have been a thing since long before Gatekeeper. There's always a few.

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I referenced the Gatekeeper Media day because that seemed to be the last time there were non media invites.

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I don't think I've ever misled anyone. But this particular time around, I figured I'd encourage a little critical thinking beyond the usual wish list nonsense.

When did you know exactly? You did get into an augment with DJ about the possibility of a spike when footers were in the ground. Footers usually hold up supports. So it must have been recent.

I was on team spike from the very beginning after the original Twitter (now X) reimagine post. From what we knew at that time; LSMs were not powerful enough to get over the top hat, language of a reimagined ride experience, a growing trend of backwards/forward spikes in the amusement park industry. From there, the evidence grew. Looking back, it did feel like you misled us if you knew early on. If you have insider information, it would be better for you not to post at all.

You are smart, and sometimes its fun to debate you, but these bad faith debates are lame. I wish you wouldn't mistreat the fans that make your site what it is.

This time around? This happens with every new coaster. Same story with RMC and Mean Streak.

Well, anyway, I cant wait to watch this thing grow. That spike is going to look great on the skyline. We also need to discuss what the short hand for this ride will be. We all called the old on Dragster... what are we going to call this? T Squared? Big 2?

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On the topic of enthusiasts ruining stuff… Non-enthusiasts were invited to the Banshee Media Day at KI, as well as the Gemini midway refurbishment (not 100% this one was a media day or a pass holder preview). I think that was the year that ruined it. It was a great event, like the other ones, but all it takes is a small minority to ruin it for everyone. I remember people throwing a fit about how long it took to get in the park, and something about the FREE crab fries. As soon as it started to become a distraction from the real reason for media day (the media), that sealed its fate.

Same thing happened with Coastermania, the event used to be free, you’d get some free goodies with it. Then next thing you know, people are bitching because they didn’t get as much swag as they did the year before. Now they charge (which actually helped weed out some of the problems), and explicitly spell out ahead of time what is included

I’ll never understand the entitlement some have. I’m always grateful for anything the park does for fans as they have really no incentive to do so. The GateKeeper and Banshee media days are probably the two best theme park days I’ve had.

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The horse is in mortal danger of expiring, but I can't not throw a tantrum about the name. Something so blatantly phoned in & unoriginal is stunningly amateurish from any marketing professional, let alone a whole team of supposedly experienced ones. It’s so bland and devoid of excitement it takes the air out of the announcement, like buying tickets for a Rammstein concert and all they do is play Nickleback songs. The only way the name would make even one iota of sense is if some exec got a bug up their butt about it and overruled everyone else's better judgement.

Then again, these are the same people who renamed a swim up bar after an insect that degrades the experience, so perhaps we shouldn't have expected any degree of competence from them in when it came to this.

I also agree with the others who said that this was a total missed opportunity to have an innovative & immersive new theme rather than trundling out something tired and worn just to collect a few superlative titles, like when Gordie Howe played one 30 second shift for the Vipers just to be the only person to play hockey in six decades.

Combine this with the additional announcement that the gold pass give away is returning-despite clear evidence of the late season havoc it wrought when they did it last time-and all I could think of was Catherine O'Hara in 'Home Alone 2':

"What kind of idiots do you have working here?!"

Girl: "l want to ride that yellow one again... Twisted Wicker"
Me: "It's a roller coaster, not a broken clothes hamper."

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I don't believe I have seen any mention of keeping the lap bars in place... which is great to see.

I don't quite understand the situations where lap vs. OTSR are used, but have always found it interesting Kingda Ka has OTSR.

Enjoy the rest of your day at America's Rockin' Roller Coast! Ride On!


I don't believe I have seen any mention of keeping the lap bars in place... which is great to see.

Yes, it's FANTASTIC to see!

I am silently praying they will not need any seatbelt or any other gizmo, other than the simple pull down lap bar. (Sorta like, dare I say it, Intamin's lap bar on Velocicoaster). This would GREATLY help dispatch intervals (and the Velocicoaster bars are incredibly comfortable and easy to deal with .... ahem RMC....)

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The trains look great in the animation! So pumped that TT2 will not have OTSR.

I've watched the animation a million times now. Backrow on this is going to be bonkers town. TTD was never a must ride for me. I would ride it if I was there with friend that had never been on it. I think these updates will move it into the Must Ride Every Trip category.

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I cant find it stated anywhere but roughly how high up the spike will it go?

Closed topic.

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