Top Thrill 2 Announced

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Love everything about it....... just not the name. Gonna take some time getting use to Top Thrill 2: Electric Boogaloo.

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

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Wow dj you got this so wrong. Cedar pointer is pointing out how he got some things right and some things wrong and that's ok. Jeff is pretending that he knew this all along. Please tell me you can see the difference there or are you just being a Jeff simp?

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DJ, you are smarter than this. That makes no sense. How is it smug to admit you were wrong?

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I wasn't into the whole prediction game at all, but now that this is finally settled, this looks GREAT to me. I honestly don't think they could've done much better to this except maybe completely change the theme. We decided to not renew our passes and hit CP this year, but we will definitely be getting back there next year now!

I think it looks pretty great. That "rollback" is definitely a bit questionable, as is the name choice.

I'll honestly just keep calling it "Dragster". I always thought the "Top Thrill" part of the name was lame to begin with.

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Visually this will be such a fun ride to watch. The name is unforgivable however. It literally sounds like a RCT placeholder. From a merch perspective as well I can’t imagine walking around with Top Thrill 2 on a shirt or hat. This would have been a great opportunity to have a whole new name and they went with…this.

Other than the laughably bad name I’m very impressed with the final product. Missed opportunity on a midway refresh but perhaps this is still in the works.

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Cedar Pointer:

How is it smug to admit you were wrong?

I didn't say it was smug to admit you were wrong, I said it is smug to take credit for getting a wild ass prediction correct. If you make a thousand predictions, a few of them will no doubt turn out "correct", but that's not noteworthy.

I guess I don't understand the whole "prediction" thing, and why folks like Troll Hopper King think it's an insult that anyone would avoid making "concrete predictions" on this stuff. Most around here don't make any "concrete predictions" because doing so is a childish & fruitless endeavor. Instead, many, myself included, interpreted evidence as it developed and tailored our expectations accordingly, but weren't making "concrete predictions", and were instead pointing out that others' "concrete predictions" weren't supported by the evidence at the time (500 foot spike, track over the station, Intamin, etc., etc.).



It's almost parody level bad. I guess "2op 2hrill" was taken?

Zamperla Zinger must've been spoken for as well.

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Nice glossy informational Press Release by CP.

And don't forget to purchase your 2024 Gold Pass at $99.00 (for now). Can't pass up an opportunity to sell more passes!

It's ... fine. I know we're either supposed to love every single trash can on the property, or hate that the new ride isn't 600 feet tall and able to do your taxes in the queue.

But, it's fine. It does the thing. It brings back a ride I missed and cycles it a bit longer, basically. I'm not complaining about that at all, but I'm not falling all over myself praising Cedar Point for their wizardry either.

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The ride looks ok. Name is absolutely horrible, and not creative in the slightest. Missed opportunity to change the theme. Very underwhelming.

Horrible name and logo...horrible!!!! Also, not the rollback we barely goes up the tower. Yes, the spike is incredible, BUT, we all forget someone was hurt for life waiting in line for this ride, and CP's response is to honor the ride by making it more majestic, and put a cover over the que-line? Just feels like some poor, rushed decisions here.

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Looks like fun! Wish the rollback was a little higher but still looks like a great ride!!

That there Clark is an RV.....

We all knew the specs (lol), but the name...c'mon. CP definitely deserves to be clowned for that. Seriously, they had a year and a half to come up with a decent name, like Accelerate, Peak Velocity, Thrill Speedster...something. Outside the miss with the name, looking forward to seeing how it rides.

Excuse me, but I believe it may have been me who first pointed out that the bit of “lagoon maintenance” seemed to line up perfectly with the station as if something might travel backwards in that direction. Well, if it wasn’t here it was somewhere. And I recall a little push back on that outlandish idea, lol.
Good name, bad name, whatever. I’m just glad the info is out and the speculation can end. I came to think of TTD as a ride I didn’t mind passing up, especially on a busy day. But then every time I rode it I was reminded of how thrilling it was and how it would take my breath away. I think this ride will deliver further on that and I can’t wait.

First support is set and bolted!

I’m excited for this and agree with Cousin Eddy above — wish the rollback was higher up. I suppose the only thing I would want more out of this would be a 100mph first launch. Perhaps not enough track initially to do so?

I'm surprised they didn't make an airtime hill during the launch section. Think that's a missed opportunity.

Know people are disappointed at the rollback not going past the initial twist, but launching backwards over 100mph is going to be fun.

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So the queue line is in the same spot, but according to the renderings, it looks as of it will be completely covered.

Awful name. Tired theme. Creative was a total miss. The ride, most importantly, looks great!!

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