Tomorrow at the park

Thinking of making a quick stop at the point tomorrow. Weather looking pretty iffy but wondering if I should risk it? Question though, if you buy a ticket online, can you scan it from your phone without printing it?

If not I'll have to buy a ticket at the gate because it is still last minute..... Don't really want to pay that insane price though!

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You can download the CP app and buy tickets from it.

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An iffy weather day is usually the best day to go.

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True!! Just worry about buying a ticket though and not being able to ride anything because of the rain. I'm gonna go for it though I'm thinking! This is probably the only day I will be able to visit CP this year unfortunately.

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You can download the CP app and buy tickets from it.

Can you scan the ticket from your phone at the gate?

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Starting tomorrow apparently. No cell phones in line for Steel Vengeance.

Yes, you can scan your ticket. You can even upload your season pass to your phone so you do not have to bring the card. I think you can do the same with an emailed ticket purchased on the website if you can open it on your phone, but I would use the app to be safe. The app will use a lot of power if you keep your GPS on while in the park so keep that in mind.

They will ask to you turn up the brightness on your phone. You can do that in advance.

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