The Boardwalk - New for 2023

Concrete in the snow - fun times.

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That must depend on your unions contract.

Round here it goes:

If the schedule is 5 8hr days to make 40, or 4 10hr days to make 40-

Anything above 40 is 1.5 time in a week

Anything above your scheduled 8hr or 10hr in a day is overtime at 1.5

Anything on Saturday is 1.5 time

Anything on Sunday is 2 time

Also- Clock in starts when your on site if your take your own vehicle, or if you need to take a company ride (bus, truck or car)clock in starts when you enter that vehicle. This is if the site doesn't allow POVs on propriety or if there is a park and ride.

Keep in mind each local has their own contract.

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Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

Right. I’m aware that union contracts are bargained for, and contracts differ, but state law prevails regarding minimum wage and minimum overtime. In Ohio over 40/week pays the rate of 1.5 times the hourly wage. The day of the week isn’t necessarily the determining factor.
I looked up Florida and that law states that any hours worked over 40 in any given work week pays 1.5. A work week is 7 consecutive 24 hour days, and the work week can start on any day of the week. I can’t find a rule stating that simply coming in for Sunday OT entitles a worker to double time as you suggest. If it’s granted then I’d consider that to be a sweet contract.
Usually, if an employer is smart, they will schedule someone to work Sunday but furlough them another day of the week keeping their regular hours to 40 and avoiding having to pay OT. (Because nobody likes paying OT.)
Once again, my only point was that Saturday activity on a webcam should not necessarily suggest that anyone is on overtime or that a project is behind. It could easily be a regularly scheduled day.

New progress pic from the lake side for those who don't follow reddit:

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That looks pretty good. Can't wait to see what it looks like in the summer.

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At first glance I really thought I was looking at a postcard… can’t wait for the end result!

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Bird on the bottom-right photo-bombing.

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Love the look of that building with Giant Wheel in the background. Can't wait to see it in person and hopefully enjoy a cocktail on one of those patios.

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I did not realize how close it was to the waters edge. I am a bit worried about what a couple of rogue waves will do.

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Wouldn't they take stray waves into account when designing the thing?

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Someone should tell them before it's too late.


I agree that it was accounted for, but seeing the water line on the beach being just a few feet away seems awful tight. We’ve all seen what the waves have done to Cedar Point Road and they have a pretty decent break wall there.

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Just wondering whether the drone operating photographer was on a Saturday or Sunday overtime situation and thus paid time & a half or double time, or was on a regularly scheduled work-day thus receiving prevailing wages. Or is it a rogue operator and a member in good standing of the smoking area drone pilot association union.

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All kidding aside, I think the picture is deceiving.

The sand comes nearly up to the Boardwalk's concrete foundation, on top of which the Boardwalk pad will be poured. So add 4" or 6" to that elevation. Beyond that there's an orange and white telescopic boom lift with its platform resting on, or slightly above, ground level there. And that boom platform's railing looks to be noticeably lower than Grand Pavilion's floor, by maybe a foot. Assuming the platform railing is 36", Grand Pavilion's floor is at least 4' higher than the beach.


I wonder if there will still be a sidewalk from the parking lot to the resort area.

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SRE123, that is a good question. I can't discern from the picture whether the Boardwalk sidewalk will be there in it's entirety as it was previously. There doesn't appear to be a whole lot of room for it on that side of the building to allow a free path towards Windseeker. The path behind Windseeker was elevated a few feet above sand level, perhaps that is the plan here as well.

Has anyone been in the parking lot and taken notice of the Boardwak entrance signage that was to the right of Gatekeeper? Or, did anyone inquire at WCO? Or, can the Top Thrill construction guy say something when he starts demolition on Monday past?

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As far as I'm aware nothing is changing regarding access to the Boardwalk from the parking lot. The Boardwalk will pass alongside Grand Pavilion and on down to the resort.


I broke my ankle running for the comments and it seems the redditors are concerned with access to the beach from the pavilion. And whether there will be unobstructed views of the lake from the bar or the dining tables. You know, things we covered and sleuthed out long ago.

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The fact the pavilion and giant wheel aren’t perfectly lined up in the photo makes my ocd boil over

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Might today be the day they bring the cars in for Wild Mouse? A crane with some sort of rack with straps is in place and lots of folks in the area of the transfer track. Edit: We have our first car!

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