Special May & June pass

We are headed to the park and Breakers in a couple weeks. Is there somewhere I can park to get these passes? I believe I have to go to the season pass building. We won’t be going into the park until after we check in the motel.

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You need to pay for parking and go to the pass processing center or the ticket window by Magnum.

DB61 -

An option would be to park/check in at Breakers than take the shuttle to the season pass building at the main entrance.

Sherri -

They process passé s at the magnum gate?

XS NightClub -

They’ve been processing season passes at all entrance gates since last year.

Can’t believe it took them this long to figure out to attach a camera to the one of the registers at each gate.

chris9ty -

If you are staying at the Breakers have your confirmation number ready and you won’t have to pay to park

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