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We are looking to get season passes for a family of four. I see that CP released a promotion where if you buy passes now, that you also get a free ticket. But, is this the best time to buy? Do they come down in price at any point?

Also, can you just buy one Platinum pass to get the free parking? Not really seeing any reason for my 4-year-old to have a Platinum pass, other than the water park.

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The price is down, and will only go up after this.

And if only one family member gets a Platinum Pass that person is allowed to park while the others remain at the toll-booth until they come up with the money.


Your assumption is correct; only one member would need to get a Platinum for the free parking.

Note: Not joking about the prices. They are discounted now.

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The best time to buy is now. Plus, they do offer longer payment plans if you buy now, if you need that.

Just as everyone has said....the sooner they are purchased, the cheaper.

They will normally raise the price as soon as Halloweekends is over. They will not get any cheaper. And you only need one Platinum for the Free Parking, but, that person is to be in the car when Parking benefit is used.

I renewed ours a few weeks ago and each renewal has a a Fast Lane Plus voucher and a Bring A friend ticket (For any Sunday only)

considering the cost of a Fast Lane Plus, I was pretty happy with the value. We've had passes for well over a dozen years and I have always bought early and put the voucher or the pass card on the Christmas tree...that way I get 'credit' for an awesome Christmas gift!

If you are planning to be there for early entry or go to any other Cedar Fair park your 4 yr old needs a Platinum Pass. Cedar Point offers a Jr/Sr pass if kids are under 48".

Thanks for the responses, everyone!
Do they offer a break when you renew your pass? I seem to remember them doing that back when I got them as a kid. That's been awhile, though. :)

I am looking to get a junior pass for the youngest boy, but I'm only seeing a junior pass in the Platinum section of the site. Emailed Cedar Point about that one..

Thanks again - the info is helpful.

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