RMC Streak Photo Update - May 7, 2017

Oh **** Streak

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They should name it Brown Streak because, after you ride it, you'll probably need a new pair of underwear.

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Since 99%+ of the people who see TCFKAMS will believe it is obviously a wooden coaster, Steel Vengeance really won't fit. The steel is a very small percentage of the coaster and almost none of that will be visible from the ground.

The 1.7m board feet of wood (+/- what RMC adds or subtracts) will be by far & away the most visible aspect of the coaster.

I would think it would be named in a manner consistent with Frontier Town--like Maverick was. (Gunsmoke? :))

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Didn't stop Six Flags with "Iron" Rattler. Still a fair point.

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New for 2018... RMC Iron Horse!!!

Steel Timbers? haha

I'll be there Wednesday, either way. I should bring some extra cash for drinks at the saloon.

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djcarl said:

someone on Reddit is claiming to "know someone who works there"

He (?) also says: "There's already four inversions..."

Are there four "already"? Did I miss something?

Timber Vengeance.

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Captain Hawkeye, I'm surprised at you.

Why would a business name or promote a product based on what consumers THINK it is over what it REALLY is? That would make no sense whatsoever.
The purpose of this expensive make over is to provide a better experience than what it was before. A rough wooden coaster is becoming a smooth steel tracked ride. It's intentional. It's not an apology or something to hide simply because 99% of the visitors will mistakenly see it as a wood-tracked ride.

No, instead they should do whatever they need to do to convince the public that the ride is no longer that "old, rickety wooden ride back there that we went on once and it beat us up so bad that we said never again." And where would be the best place to start? How about the name itself?

I'm not saying the word Steel or Iron will definitely make its way into Wednesday's announcement, but if it did it's not because they're dummasses. It will be because they're promoting a transformation for the better while correcting 99% of their customers' mistaken notion.

RCMAC, there are lots of ways to promote that without using the words "Iron" or "Steel."

Smooth Streak?

Smooth Timbers?

It Doesn't Suck Any More Streak?

The Rebuilt Old, Rickety Wooden Ride Back There That No Longer Beats Us Up So Bad. :)

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Steel Vengeance really has a six flagsish sound to it, but like they forgot to put Steel Vengeance 'the ride' in the name.

Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

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Steel Vengeance sounds familiar...I think I saw them open up for Winger once when I was a kid.

My original post was going to be, "that sounds like a hair band from the 80's".

Turns out "dreams come true".

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Timberman: The Ride.

But was it incredible?

So about that third lap. I saw Friday where there's a ground level roll over inversion then two airtime hills after that. Any more inversions on that far end rounding to the station?
And did it look like the MCBR did any grabbing? Or does it sail through untouched?

Since they promised there would be no details, (c'mon, you knew you'd walk out of there without the name) it may be possible that the infield, the entrance, and anything new to the area wasn't included in the POV version shown today. In other words, it will be part of Wednesday's reveal.
Or not.

The infield seems like a good place for the queue as it always was. They're gonna need quite a bit I reckon.

Thanks for the report.

Is it a normal drop or an Outlaw Run type pre-drop?

For having just watched a full POV, those two sure didn't provide much new detail.

Tryin to look out for ya there, jo linn, on the subject of that third lap....

I suppose in the 3.0 minutes they had to take in everything that the details may be fleeting. But I can assure you had I been there I would've turned my brain to photographic memory mode.

Maybe we'll hear from a few more before the day is out.

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What mode is your brain in right now?

What color were the seat belts?

Was it a sunny day in the POV or a cloudy day or would you say "partly cloudy"??

Did you hold your hands up while watching to make it feel more real?!?

Where was the Fast Lane merge?!!??!


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The hill was just a normal up the chain lift then down the hill drop. No Predrop. The low to the ground inversion was the final inversion from what I can remember. Lots of complete 90 degree banked turns. I tried to take in as much as I could. The ride looks incredible though.

YouTube channel: The Chain Lift

So much for trying to avoid spoilers…oh, well.

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I'm sure that those who were at the sneak peak have pretty strict directions as to what they can share. The way this project has been kept under wraps, I'm sure CP doesn't want any leaks 3 days away from the announcement.

As much as I want to finally find out all the the details about MS2.0, I've actually enjoyed the suspense of not knowing and the lack of leaks. Its actually quite impressive to accomplish this in today's instant social media. By not knowing, and at the mercy of CP, we've all been able to fully enjoy the many clues, and scrounge together speculations of the new ride. I tip my hat to CP for their great containment of details for this ride.

In as much as they said there were 5 inversions yet the last inversion they recall is what we all know is the third inversion, I do not think they have spoiled a whole lot.

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