RMC Streak Photo Update - May 7, 2017

Also not shown on Perpetual's post is that above 'Blackjacks' poster there is an Ace of Spades ♠️ card directly above it. Another one was found yesterday in Frontiertown in front of the jail on the iconic picture spot. The 'mean streak lies beneath' is a good clue that this poster has to be directly related to the name. The reward amount is highest and, it was the last poster to be revieled nearly a week before the announcement. Lusty Lil's is most likely where they will announce the new coaster. Fun to speculate!

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The last one revealed? Has the ostrich poster with the 87 cent reward been revealed? Perhaps a children's ride in the area?

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

What if Cedar Creek Mine ride gets updated with the spare Gemini trains? I want to know what happened to that idea. They tested/teased that transition for a bit, but never went through with it.

^ Delicious.

Ace of spades is the highest card in the deck. Meanstreak lies beneath. Black jack. Fun stuff. Flying Ace.. doesn't fit frontier, but ties into camp Snoopy....

I'd like to see the CCMR thing happen, but in theory they don't have enough Gemini trains. Wasn't part of a real train repurposed into that exhibit in Town Hall? Thus, they probably don't have 2 5-car trains. I do think I once saw a very blurry picture of the blue train being tested on CCMR, and considering that the rides use the exact same track system, I don't see why not. But again, it depends on them having enough vehicles.

On another note, it'd be really cool to see six-train ops on Gemini again. Just because it can't stack and has to rush (lest it stop on the MCBR) doesn't mean it can't run 3 trains. Arrow designed it for efficiency, not for guests who can't handle a bit of hurrying. Sadly, they stopped full operations on Gemini and Iron Dragon for just that reason, I'd say. Probably CCMR too.

You know, there's some old Schwarzkopfs in Europe (Lisebergbanan, Olympia Looping) that still manage 4-5 train operations as they were designed. Europa-Park is famous for fast dispatches. Sometimes I'd like to see such operations here in the USA.

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Yes, Gemini was designed for efficiency, but it was also designed without seat belts, air gates and bins in mind. 4-train ops on Gemini is sufficient for even the busiest days at Cedar Point anymore.

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and if it was in the state of PA it would prob still have no belts or air gates lmao

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That was probably the most shocking aspect of our trip to Knoebel's a few years ago. After days of Cedar Fair air gates and seat belts and what not, they're just like "Nah, you guys got this, no biggie."

It was refreshing but definitely a change of pace that threw me for a second.

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Um. You guys know that the Knoebels rides got air gates a year or so ago, right? I'm actually not 100% remembering if Twister has them yet, but Phoenix definitely received them.

^Sadly I've heard it does. Not sure about Twister, though.

I understand airgates, but they should open quickly (some open way too slow) and honestly, are they really needed on coasters that don't pass the station at high velocity?

Subway trains, for example, rarely have airgates despite the fact that a subway train takes much longer to come to an emergency stop than a parking roller coaster.

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Why don't they just use gates that are held shut via magnetism (Power Tower for example). They are much quicker to open than the air gates.

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Probably because those gates are electromagnetic and cost a lot more. With the pneumatic gates, all you need to do is actuate one cylinder that links all the individual gates together on the underside of the station (can't do that with power tower). This way all gates open and close at the same time and the ride won't have to sit and wait for a "I'm closed" signal from each electromagnetic gate.

Air gatescause a bigger problem than they're worth, honestly. I've never heard of someone wandering into track in front of an oncoming train, but there was that guy that broke his leg squeezing through the air gates on Raptor a year or two ago.

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They have airgates so if they get sued they don't have to explain why they don't have airgates.

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Go Intamin said:
Air gatescause a bigger problem than they're worth, honestly. I've never heard of someone wandering into track in front of an oncoming train, but there was that guy that broke his leg squeezing through the air gates on Raptor a year or two ago.

I thought it was a woman. Not that it makes a difference.

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Does anybody know what the "CW" stamp is in the picture on CPrundown? Just wondering if it's possibly related to the name of the coaster.


I think it's just the "mark" of "Chess Watkins" with the heart and horseshoe. You can also see it stamped near her poster.

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maverick is due for some new paint 2018?

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