Old Skee Ball in the arcade is gone?

When I went to CP last Sunday, I stopped into the arcade and noticed that the line of vintage Skee-Ball games had been removed and replaced with slick new versions of the game.

I didn't get a chance to walk around and see if they'd been moved anywhere else. Can anyone tell me if all the vintage Skee Ball games are gone? I loved those things. They had such a great "old heavy wood" look to them. If they're really gone, I'll miss them!

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I'm not sure about the skee-ball machines, but CP got rid of a ton of their vintage games and pinball a couple off-seasons back. They could have been on the chopping block.

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I would hazard a guess that who ever was taking care of the old style electro-mechanical SkeeBall games had retired, and corporate decided to withdraw them in favor of the newer version games.

CP switched arcade operators in 2020. As a result, the old operator took all of their machines with them, including Skee-Ball, and the new operator installed their machines. As far as I can tell, there are no machines from prior to 2020. Makes sense, as the park likely didn't own any of their arcade machines; typically, the arcade operating company owns the machines, puts them in the arcade and maintains them, and splits the profits with the venue. For what it's worth, there were a lot of broken or malfunctioning machines under the old operator at the end, so the arcade needed a major refresh. Still, it's sad to walk through the Coliseum and not hear the Skee-Ball beeps or the incessant music from the Knock It Off machines.

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My son has been disappointed that the arcade is now mostly games that earn tickets. He preferred the old style arcade video games but they obviously weren't keeping them up. Berserk was out of order for two years straight I think.

Yeah, one of the Skee Ball machines ate my money two years ago and there was too much of a crowd around the redemption counter for me to get my money back. I was hoping to play the old game one more time this year. That's the way it goes I guess! Thanks for the info.

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Would it be safe to assume all the vintage pinball machines in the back are gone too? My memory is hazy but I think they might've been gone in 2019 too, just at the time I had thought maybe they were being refurbed or something since the rest of the vintage games were still there.

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Everything was auctioned off in 2019. Good thing too, those pinball machines deserve a home where they can properly be taken care of.

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There are some new fangled fancy ice ball fx machines on the left. Those don’t play at all like original. On the back right part of the arcade (north east ) maybe 3/4 way back they have some newer “traditional” machines which play like the old ones , (except for the constant malfunctions). Was able to score real well on them.

Like the old ones they Redeem tickets, except now the tickets are stored on your card. Maybe 15 years ago they were prizes based on the number of points you scored, and you can trade up for prizes. 450 choice, 400 large , etc.

Aside from the new arcade machines , the arcade got some fresh paint and a few murals. Looks fantastic.

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