News: Holiday gift ideas for the ultimate Cedar Point fan

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Cedar Point is making holiday shopping a little easier with a sleigh full of options for all who love the park.

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Another shout out to the CP Merch team. They've made quite the transformation in their merchandise quality in the last few years in my opinion, and I suspect they're reaping the rewards. I know I personally have spent more on CP merch the last few years than I had in probably the 10 years prior.

One thing I'm wondering though... when is Survivor: Pointbuzz edition starting to determine the "Ultimate Cedar Point fan?" Maybe start tent camping on the causeway the night of Winter Chill-Out and see who can last the longest? ;)

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^ Strong agree.

We were at the Steel Vengeance preview back in like April of 2018 I believe, and were super surprised and impressed with the quality of some of the SV merch they had available at launch. As a matter of fact, my gf and I both got hoodies that day and still wear them quite often due to how well they've held up. If you didn't know any better, you wouldn't really know that it was coaster merch, which in my opinion, is most likely a good thing. Much of the throwback design stuff they came out with last year and this year was fantastic as well. KI did really well with the Orion stuff too.

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I agree with "props" to the merch. team. I am one who almost never spends when at the park but have added to my pin collection with a couple of those nice designs. I like the Vintage Sign pin and the Blue Streak pin.

As for Survivor, I would love to be cast on that show. Based on some of my comments on here I would likely be the 60 year old who often puts his foot in his mouth while trying to communicate with the younger generation. Pointbuzz Survivor could have "CP Tony" as the role of Jeff Probst, or perhaps Pointbuzz ""Jeff" as Jeff. Immunity Challenge is first to exit parking lot on an October Saturday closing time.

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I hadn't really thought about this, but I tend to agree. Over the past few seasons we almost always leave now with a shirt/hat/top or trinket of some kind that really sticks out, and that's a new thing for us.

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Now if only I was rich so I could afford half the things I'd like to have!

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I managed to get 1 of the Millie Station and Lift hill for my wife. Was anyone else here able to get one before they sold out? I am excited to figure out how to up light the hill.

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I would suggest one of these.

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99er - Thank You! I will look into them. I may b able to diffuse 1 for each color to span the whole lift hill.

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Phooey. Those Millennium Force lift hills sold out before I even knew they were a thing. :( That lift hill's the first thing that I've seen out of the Cedar Point merchandise department in a while that would qualify as a "shut up and take my money" souvenir.

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