News from Winter Chill Out 2021

We've actually been there during storms when a couple of pop ups were pretty severely damaged.

Campers had to shelter in the bathrooms.


Glad you got that one RideMan! :)

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No surprise on the campground expansion. Compared to multi-family housing or hotels in the case of CP, campgrounds are relatively cheap to build, require very little maintenance and the staffing is a tiny portion compared to a permanent building. The downside is a limited market, but as others have pointed out there's been an RV boom (my parents bought one too) and the campers don't just get scraped after a few years, so the increased inventory is around to stay.

DSShives said:

I spend most of my summer at CP and I don’t think these monster storms roll through as often as you think. Do they happen, sure, but not enough to create a policy of eliminating an entire season of having tents.

They did the years that I worked there.....

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Just in the last year the number of people in my social circle with campers and RVs more than doubled. Lots of traveling done between remote schooling and unemployment.

And thats great if you want to buy a camper..

Most newbiew to the rv world have a ton of plans to travel.. then after a cple years they sell it.

In a couple years I expect the used rv market to be flooded with campers with low mileage for sale..

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It's been a snowball effect. The first few got campers a few years ago and the group just keeps getting bigger. Most of the recent purchases are people who hang with the previous camper owners and much of the traveling has started to be groups of campers not just individual families. Most of them were pretty outdoorsy to begin with and one of them turned their van into a makeshift camper for several trips before they actually put out the money to buy one. I think as long as the core group gets their employment straightened out they will be long haul campers they were already traveling. A few of the others maybe not so much. I like the idea of it but I know I would never travel enough to make it worth it.

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I didn’t see these mentioned:

Gristmill food stand will now be the Wild Turnip and serve Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free Pizza W/Cauliflower Crust
The food stand next to planet snoopy bumper cars will be “The Roost” serving Fried Chicken and Tots
The Skyride Station next to corkscrew will serve multi-flavor Custard
The Ticket of a Lifetime chance will no longer be online. When you visit you will scan your Pass/Ticket at a Courtesy Corps Kiosk with instant prizes or instant TOL winning
They are still taking orders for the Legacy Walk Bricks
The Keyhole Photos are starting in 2021
They are also starting the App based Park tour in 2021

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So I came home from work around 4:00, and my daughters were jumping up and down; "Daddy! Cedar Point is on the news! They're building a new roller coaster for 2022!"

Having no idea what they were talking about (and being disappointed in myself that I didn't) I just had to tune in at 5:00 to see what Channel 3 (CLE) was talking about.

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Tony the master Troll. If your reading this sir I salute you and say well done! And if this isn't a troll... Yowza!

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

A dinasour themed MF junior coaster 526 ft total track length.

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I just want to know where they'd put the thing.

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I'd rather be sailing

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Then you should ask the "Track Layout Crew".

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Underground obviously rct style

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Its going to be a 500+foot Flying GCI woodie!!! LOL! That would be a sight to see tho right?

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Tony really knows how gullible some enthusiasts really are!

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

I saw the augers going through the park today. Only a couple weeks till the cement trucks start coming in.

Looks like the cement trucks will be here starting Thursday. weather is warming up.

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