News: Cedar Point opens for the 2022 season Saturday

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The long wait is almost over. Cedar Point’s 153rd summer season begins on Saturday, May 7. The American summertime tradition, rooted in its rich history that started with a simple mile-long beach, comes to life again with thrilling rides, signature events, family-friendly attractions, new dining experiences, new places to stay and new ways to make memories.

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Hope to read some opening day reports. The bad along with the good.

number of times to Cedar Point:50s/60s/70s/80s-3,1995-1,1996-27,1997-18,1998-13,1999-20,2000-16,2001-8,2002-7,2003-18,2004-14,2005-18,2006-28,2007-16,2008-17,2009-28,2010-26,2011-27,2012-21,2013-18,2014-24,2015-29,2016-46,2017-13,2018-14,2019-10,2020-0,2021-3 Running Total-483 72,000 miles traveled for the point.

Here's my day 1 experience.

Got to the park around noon, walked all the way to the back looking for new stuff. Most everything closed due to the wind. Some of the barnyard animals were there, but it wasn't open yet. Tried the steak and corn at the new farmhouse, it was pretty good. Was surprised at the small stage, for some reason I had it in my head that it was a big stage attached to the restaurant. Walked back to the front down the other side, some flats open by then.

Went to check out the twister fence. Maxair was running, got a ride on it and Bluestreak. Valravn was running, but wait was huge. Train ride and Miss Keets (queso/guac extra). Saw Mavericks line moving as I left. Rode it.

Valravn line was shorter, rode it, talked to a guy who got exit passes for being stuck on Millennium. (never even saw it run). Saw raptor was up on my way out but I was done at that point. Overall, not bad for a lowered expectations first day.

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