miniature shotty documentary i shot about little known history of cedar point

i plan on re filming this and editing it to documentary quality now that i have gotten permission from cedar fair to film it inside Hotel Breakers, the museum, the grand ballroom and even got an appointment to walk through the Cedars with an employee and film some empty rooms as they are mostly in their original state. no comment on room 169 yet. i know i got some of the facts wrong, i plan on carrying a sheet of facts ive researched through the book A History of Cedar Point, through online research and employee interviews, but this is a quick filming i posted mostly to put up what history i can before cedar fair destroys most of it. the marina entrance is being changed which is home to some of the oldest statues, and lighting fixtures in the park. plans to convert one of the worlds greatest arcades, and my personal favorite place at cedar point - the grand ballroom into a dark ride have been rumored as well. i love what Oiumet is doing with the park, i just hope some of the true history of the park is preserved. my family has been going there since the late 1800's when it was a beach and the grand pavillion (which will also be included in my future 45 minute documentary) and i have been spending the entire season here on my boat here in the marina for years. i love cedar point and love contributing to the community. please dont be too harsh on this video, its a very rough draft and little to none of this footage will be used in my full length documentary, i also edited this rather quickly so hopefully you all have better expectations for my full length one. without any further ya go

I applaud your interest in Cedar Point history. However, you are incorrect about the current entrance to the Chaussee (pronounced shaw-SAY) being the original car entrance to Cedar Point.

The original road and entrance were built in 1913 at the current site of Sheldon Marsh state nature preserve. Storms kept washing out the road, so the entrance was moved a couple miles west down Route 6 to the current Chaussee intersection.

There's a marker at Sheldon Marsh noting the history. Details and a picture of the marker can be seen here.

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