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Wouldn't it be great if WE had control of satellite cameras AND of webcam cameras to check the parking lot whenever we want.

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Cartwright said:

One of the first things Cedar Fair did after acquiring the Paramount parks was to put a stop to the backward side of the racing wooden coasters. No chance at all Blue Streak is being turned backward.

This is enthusiast logic. I'm not saying it's going to happen, but concluding it won't because of something that happened 18 years ago, two generations of management before, is not logical.

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Dennis Urban said:

Wouldn't it be great if WE had control of satellite cameras AND of webcam cameras to check the parking lot whenever we want.

These things are best left in the able hands of professionals. For instance, I had control of the camera system at the lakefront aviation establishment along Lake Erie a couple counties east of CP. As the highly trained professional there, we used them to help maintain security there. There was the time during the Cavs playoff run that a Gulfstream with a v.i.p. landed and as we focused on the plane's door we saw Justin Beiber hop down the stairs and proceed to do a series of dance moves on the tarmac.

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There was once a website out there that had Webcam views inside the park and would allow the user to control the cam for 2 minutes, then the control went to the next person waiting. Anybody remember that? It had to be the better part of 20 years ago or so.

I do remember that. I think I got control once or twice.

I vaguely remember that as well, but don't recall any details of it.

I do remember that. However from what I recall the camera was at battery park.

I remember that, but I don’t remember it showing views inside the park. I seem to recall it being from across the water looking towards the MF side of the park.


I believe the below link was it. I thought I remember it being called Fun Cam but also was like am I confusing that with Fun Pix.

I think you might be right about it being called "Fun Cam", as well as it's location in Battery Park, Mitchell Williams, but my memory's kinda foggy.

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It's snowing sideways! Brrrr. I don't know why, but any pictures of the Point over the winter look absolutely frigid, probably moreso than it actually is.

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It's just as frigid as it looks.

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Interesting view of Giant Wheel right now.

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It's so we can count the gondolas as they mount them.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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I drove by the Amazement Shop on Cleveland road today, they're still sitting in the parking lot. Maybe not today haha

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I for one hope they don't run Blue Streak backwards. I've ridden at least 2 woodies this way, one was Rolling Thunder at SFGAdv, and I think maybe Colossus at MM might have been the other one. In my opinion, it's a gimmick that detracts from the experience. I prefer the streaker full frontal.

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Camera back to normal with construction equipment playing in the sand behind it.

Interesting seeing the CPLE cars sitting where they are.

I believe that is their normal "idle" spot.

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you would be correct.


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