Lightning Train Question

I dont know row numbers, but first row of the last car has always been my favorite.

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I believe, since there are 6 cars with 3 rows each, that's the Row 16 everyone is talking about above.

That's correct, row 16 is also called "6-1" I believe.

1-2 is my favorite.

And look at all of you enthusiasts breaking the beholden rule of never-ever sitting over the wheels!

But give me row 18 on the Beast and I am in my happy place.

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All I know is the wife and I have heard ride middle of each car and not be on the wheels. Works perfect for us! no special belt tension or lap-bar trick.

Ahhhhh C.P. My Happy Place!
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5-2 is my fav

I agree with most of this but I find row 17 to be better (I think it’s 17, second to last row). Why? Because the seat in front of it and the seat behind it are sitting atop a wheel. Row 17 is in between wheels. Far less vibration and shaking than sitting on top a wheel. I learned this years ago while riding the Beast at KI. It applies to magnum also, albeit not to the same degree.

2-1 has always been our go to seat. Just seems to be a smoother ride. Almost as good as 1-1. Not a fan of the back of the train seats.

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