Knott's Berry Farm auction

Knott's is auctioning off a warehouse full of stuff in March...

Including the JENNIE K.

Everyone chip in and we'll buy it!

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If I am not mistaken the Jenny K locomotive was at Cedar Point for years! I thought it was at Knott's for standard tear-down/rebuild. I guess not.

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I want the Jennie K, the Model T, the Jack-in-the-box, and the gargoyle.

Is that really the Jennie K. from Cedar Point? It looks like a smaller gauge engine than what is used here.

That's her alright. I guess that management decided not to have her rebuilt, or even sent back. Rumblings are that the CP&LE's superintendent didn't know about this.

A group of former CPLE Railroad employees and myself are working to save the Jennie K., a steam locomotive that used to run on the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad. The locomotive was sent to Knott's Berry Farm in California several years ago for a possible restoration that never materialized. The locomotive has now been put up for auction by Knott's and we are trying to raise enough funds to purchase the locomotive and bring it back to a railroad museum in northern Ohio. Please click on the link below to help us with our goal.

So, on page 7 and 20 there is a Native American Indian Statue. Is this the same statue that was in Hotel Breakers standing at the door that led to the beach?

Certainly looks like him.

It's not the same statue. The Cedar Point one was bronze, not in color, and the headdress was totally different. I lived in the hotel during the summer of 1976, and worked at the park full-time from 1989 to 2015, so I was very familiar with the statue you're referencing.

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...wait, you LIVED at the Breakers for a summer? Did you rent a room for all season, or did you live there because you worked there?

I ask because the former is on my short list of things to do if I ever strike it big in the Ohio Lottery. :3

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When I worked there in the 70's, men lived in the rotunda and The Cedars. Women lived in an old wing of the hotel that is gone now, (was it Bon Air?) and the gold dorms, (which I think were white then).

I worked in Kiddieland (now Kiddie Kingdom) in 1976, and the fifth floor of the rotunda was all-women that year. It was great seeing the loop of Corkscrew, new for '76, out the communal bathroom's window. My room was a double and faced the lake, above what was then the Surf Lounge. The rooms were employee housing because they didn't have individual bathrooms, and there was no elevator access, air-conditioning or heat. But it was still a lot of fun!

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That sounds awesome. :D Thanks for sharing!

Back on topic, I'm gonna try to chip in a bit when I get paid Friday. I'd far rather see Jennie in the hands of people who love her and want to see her shared with everyone, just like she was meant to be, rather than bought up by a private collector.

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Hello Everyone,

I'm one of the organizers for the Save the Jennie K group. We are still looking for a home in northern Ohio for Jennie, but I wanted to update everyone with donation thank you gifts. We have partnered with professional artist Randy Sappo ( to offer a selection of prints of the CP&LE. If you're a fan of the park, trains or just old machinery. These prints would look great anywhere!

Please see the updates on the GoFundMe page for more details.

For more info about Jennie, see our fan page:

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At $420 right now

Keep blazing ahead ;)

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Up to $26, 000 now, at least that sounds like someone that is looking for a restorable locomotive and not scrap

She sold for $40, 630.00

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Rumblings are that someone from Garner Holt (the dark ride and animation people who did the refurb on the Timber Mountain Log Ride and the Calico Mine Ride) bought her. A bit expensive for a ride prop, speculation is that someone is building a "backyard" railroad a la Ward Kimball and John Lassiter.

^Yes, Bill Butler from Garner Holt did indeed purchase her.

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