June 22-23, Hotel Breakers, Park with Young Kids, Plus Size Rides

Long time reader- first time poster.

We had a nice trip this past weekend. Weather was sunny and dry so the park was moderately busy. Didn't try to go on too many big rides as the kids are only 3 and 6. But my oldest is now 48 inches so she got to experience her first big kid rides. It was fun to see some of the older coasters through new eyes. Here are her rankings of the 4 she tried from best to worst:

Iron Dragon- hands down her favorite. The end brake was a bit loud for her little ears but she loved the smooth swinging sensation of the track.

Gemini- brave girl insisted on front seat for her first ride. She was equal parts excited and terrified. And one point she screamed to me "where'd the track go?" Only the red train was running both times we rode this so she missed out on the racing element.

Corkscrew- first loop was a thumbs up- corkscrew loops were thumbs down as they whacked her head about too much and smashed her nose.

Bluestreak- for some reason she absolutely hated this ride. I mean I'm not a fan as it's very rough, but her chief complaint was that it had too many hills...

We did not do the other 48 inch height rollercoasters- Mine Ride because all the reviews made me pretty sure I wouldn't fit in the seats. Magnum because if she hated the hills on Bluestreak I didn't think she'd want more of the same just higher. Pipe Scream because just looking at that makes me want to puke. And Millennium because the past 3 times I rode that I felt like I was going to pass out on the way up the second hill. Strangest sensation ever- my hearing vanished and my vision shrunk to a pinpoint of light. In any case if my body did that in my 20s, I'm not sure I want her little 6 year old still developing brain to experience those forces just yet... also I no longer fit in the seats.

My 3 year old rode the two kiddie rollercoasters (much to my shock as he's not a big fan of heights). He loved Wilderness Run (Jr. Gemini) and rode by himself about 6 times. He rode Woodstock Express with his dad but thought it was too scary.

Monster Jam Alley was amazing for my kids. I hope they bring more stuff like that back in the future. Only complaint here was we all got bad sunburns because the wait line for the trucks has zero shade and we sweated off the sunblock.

Forbidden Frontier- I wanted to like this, but it was just meh for us. They tried to give my daughter a task but she wasn't really interested and forgot along the way. Even after we found the person we needed and I prompted her the encounter totally fizzled. They tried the dig site but the actor left and the kids got frustrated because they kept digging and digging but there was nothing (I should note this was about 4:30pm on Sunday.) My 6 year old loved the Highground play structure, but since my 3 year old was too short so we had to climb up with him- which was terrifying as I am Plus Size and my husband is 6' 3". Thankfully the netting held... We'll try again next year but I was a little disappointed as everyone is giving it such rave reviews and it fell flat for us. I did like the calmness and space of the island. Lots of shade too!

As I just mentioned I'm plus size (5'6" 265lbs, 24W bottom and 2X top) since having the kiddos and haven't even attempted to ride any rollercoasters the past 6-7 years. But this year I really wanted to try out Valravn and Steel Vengeance so I decided to give it a shot and see if I could squish myself into the seats. We had early entry on Sunday so I abandoned my family and bee-lined to Valravn.

A quick hop in the test seat showed I was good with a red seatbelt and a helping shove. I waited in line about 10 minutes and then got a front row seat in the middle. Gotta say, this ride was epic. Maybe is was because it was my first time in a long while being on a real ride, but I was laughing and smiling the whole time. Totally awesome experience and made the entire trip for me.

I then sped walked over to Steel Vengeance. I tried out the test seat the day before and after some (painful) adjusting was able to get the green light. The line was long even though the park wasn't officially open. Sign said 60 minutes when I got there- by the time I got a locker it was up to 90 minutes. In the end it turned into a 2 hour + long wait. The seat on the ride is just as painful as the test seat, but I wiggled my butt back as far as my hips would allow (pretty sure they would bruise) and got the go ahead. The ride itself was fun, a thousand times better than Mean Streak. The airtime was cool- but for the first time ever I was actually afraid I would come out of my seat for real because of my larger size and the force on the lap restraint going up. Coming back down to the seat was excruciating, my hips slamming back into the hard curves of the seat. I would for sure ride this again- when I manage to lose 40-50 pounds some day.

We didn't get much time to enjoy the hotel as we stayed in the park so much. We wanted to go to Cedar Shores too but ran out of time (kids rides take forever to load and unload so that really cut into how much we could get through in two days.) This is our second time at the Breakers. Last year we were on the Concierge floor (only because we booked late and that's all they had) and we liked it ok (the lounge was nice.) This year I got us a King room with sleeper sofa on the 3rd floor of the Rotunda. The beach view was amazing, but the sound proofing is not. We could hear every step from the room above us and the folks out on the beach partied very late. I would pick this room again though as it was set up very nicely for our family- just have to remember to bring a white noise machine.

When it was time to leave my daughter sobbed real broken-hearted tears. Poor thing. She just loved Cedar Point so much it was very hard on her to leave. She's begging to go back later this summer or Halloween. It's a 3 hour drive for us so we'll see...

Might have to make a week of it next year!

Sounds like a nice trip.

Also, I too usually come close to broken-hearted tears when we leave after our annual stay at Breakers. And i'm 37 :P It's such a bummer driving back down the causeway when you leave for the summer going back to the real world. Summer bummer.

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