Hidden Gems?

So, we bit the bullet and bought our Platinum Passes today (with dining and drinks plans)-the whole fam is super excited, since it's been 6 years since we had a pass, and have gone only sporadically since that year.

Since so many folks on this forum are CP fanatics (saying this with the greatest of affection!), I was wondering if there were any "hidden gems" we should know about-places to visit that are not well-known, great dining plan food, little known shows, etc. Our kids are older (13 and 9), so we're not interested in stuff for "little kids".

Thanks so much in advance-counting down to the May 11th!

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Search for the CP food blog for updated food plans and info. Helps us know what we want to eat when we go.

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As a coaster nerd, I have to say, ride Blue Streak, preferably in the front two rows for the most smoothness and the crazy airtime over the first two hills. Certainly underappreciated (and Gemini too.)

Not quite what you were looking for, but a bit of a different perspective. Some of CP's rides are overshadowed by the newer stuff, that happens with such a massive park.

My tip would be to make a point to suspend bedtime sometime and be in the park at closing. First, many of the coasters (among other rides) have a different ride quality after dark that is well worth experiencing. I also highly recommend walking the Frontier Trail after the crowds have nearly ceased to exist. All the lights are lit just for you as the roar of the park starts to fade away. The trail is the highlight, but even the front of the park has its late night charms. It is a very atmospheric time at the park.

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Thank you!

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Crystal Rock Cafe never disappoints, the food there is somehow better. Even if you do not want to enjoy the rest of the water park, it's worth it to enter it for that place alone. I'm feeling confident Hugo's and BackBeatQue are going to be quite good. The dining was stepped up last year and they are doing it again this year. Miss Keat's is very much worthwhile to go to. Even the Round Up which is new has quite good burgers, my personal favorite in the park that are on the dining plan, I love The Blackjack. Oh yes one more came to my mind, the Foldover place which is just at the end of Frontier Trail. Extremely filling and good!

Vertical Impact sounds like the best show for your family to see, I would recommend checking out Lusty Lil's too. Also check on the beach at nights during the summer, even though you might not be staying I can say I get a very resort like feel every time I'm in that area. And as PDX Pointer said, going through parts of the park at night is an amazing different experience. I always prefer staying til close and the walk back to the car is always leisurely and enjoyable as its emptied out. If not feasible I recommend to stay til close and even after at least once. Go on the last ride of the night for Steel Vengeance or another favorite ride.

Places to Visit:

- The Town Hall Museum. Even if you aren't a big nerd on CP history, there are so many old artifacts, ride models, and machines that are really worth exploring. Plus, it's one of the best air-conditioned buildings on the peninsula, making it a must stop on a hot day.

- Frontier Trail. Easily my favorite area in the park. There are all kinds of artisan shops and experiences worth checking out. Glass-blowing, candle-dipping, pony rides, sign-making, leather shop, and many more are present that most people tend to skip over so they can get between rides. Sometimes it's nice to take a break and drink in the atmosphere.

- North Coast Parasail. If it's within your budget, PLEASE try the parasailing. It has the best views of any parasail in the country that I've seen, including ocean-front parasailing.

- The north half of the CP boardwalk. Even with Sandcastle Suites gone, I still love walking down the pathway that extends along the beach between Hotel Breakers and Lighthouse Point. You still feel the intimate nature of the peninsula and get some absolutely fantastic views of Magnum. If you stay at a hotel, a morning walk down there is fantastic.

Great Dining-Plan Food:

- Miss Keat's Smokehouse. Currently my favorite place to eat with the dining plan, and I feel that BackBeatQue will have to do an awful lot to change my mind. The BBQ is really good (almost on par with Carowinds) and the atmosphere is very relaxed and full of cool old signs and memorabilia.

- Crystal Rock Cafe. I feel that this really set the bar for Cedar Fair's recent food renaissance. There is a fantastic selection of food, including some of the best perch on the peninsula (excluding Bay Harbor, of course). If you're at CP Shores, definitely eat here.

- Toft's Ice Cream Parlor. Not on the dining plan, but definitely my favorite place on the peninsula that isn't. Toft's Ice Cream is a local Sandusky dairy that makes fantastic ice cream with very generous portions. With Cedar Point's added specialty flavors, there are so many options available for a great treat.

Best Shows:

- Vertical Impact. My favorite non-Halloweekend show in the park. The stunt actors do a great job pulling off their scooter, bike, and gymnast tricks and utilize the Celebration Plaza stage really well.

- Lusty Lil's. I feel that this show has grown synonymous with the park, as it continues to persist in the show lineup year after year. The Palace Theater is a great place to cool off and enjoy a beer while the show itself boasts some of the best dancing choreography in the park.

I could go on and on about the park's hidden gems, but I feel these are the ones most worth considering to do. Enjoy your Platinum Pass and be sure to try lots of experiences, as CP has a lot more going on than most guests realize.

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Maybe it's just my thing, but I love going to the back of the main arcade and playing all the vintage pinball and video games for a quarter each. They have a nice collection and its not something you get to do much of when you're in a hurry.

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cptedsdisciple2- Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but word around the campfire is the vast majority of all those old games were auctioned off this past winter.

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