Guest taken to hospital after metal object falls off TTD

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No, this is the part where I say I am personally very horrifed at the medical response seen in the video and would hate for that to have been me or my loved one getting literally dragged onto a gurney. I don't care if it's not their usual kind of accident; that doesn't mean they shouldn't be prepared for the worst with their equipment in a place where people and machines are moving at a speed of 120 mph with the chance for machine failure. Personally, what I saw from response was unprepared chaos where time was wasted searching for equipment that didn't exist. If that was your loved one getting treated and you feel comfortable with the care that was given, then more power to you.

I agree with much of what you're saying, but fwiw my initial thinking as to their "dragged onto a gurney" mindset could have been immediate recognition that this is bad and this is beyond what we can treat here and now, we need to get her to a facility ASAP. I could totally believe that. It's prioritizing, like how you never want to move someone in a bad car wreck but if the car is on fire you'd rather risk their head/neck injury or paralysis vs guaranteeing they die in the fire. You've gotta make quick decisions and get them where they need to be if she had major head trauma.

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I get that they cannot let bystanders help with treatment, but the NP was also trying to point out that they were seriously lacking basic proper patient transport and care with a head injury. I also understand that the queue lines definitely made things difficult, but the victim was haphazardly dragged onto the gurney without as much as a neck brace. I know they wanted to get her out of there due to the seriousness of her injury, which is why they should have been prepared with basic equipment. I hope CP really looks into their emergency response procedures and ensures basic life saving/serious injury materials are always accessible for their EMS crew. I'm not asking them for a whole emergency room, but they could have at least had something as simple as a neck stablizer. They also need training and practice on how to safely remove an injured victim from a queue and if it's not possible for a certain ride, the queue needs to be adjusted.

I wish they would address measures they are taking to help ensure their EMS team is prepared in the event of future emergencies, but I don't expect to see anything of the sort.

I can't stop imagining what their response could look like if a larger emergency took place with multiple victims. Thank goodness it hasn't yet!

Absolutely agree with this. Something as simple as someone being dehydrated on a hot Ohio summer day fainting and hitting their head on the concrete could warrant a neck brace. Those should be widely available at places handling crowds like CP does.

Most community pools have neckbraces and backboards available nearby. I'm really confused why CP wouldn't have these two fairly basic emergency items handy

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Again, CP didn't put her on the gurney, Sandusky did.

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I still haven’t brought myself to watch the bodycam video, but I have to assume that all the first responders did the best they could in an inherently ugly situation. I defer to the experts to review the response in an objective and comprehensive manner.

In terms of the incident itself, I can’t help but think it’s premature to blame the ride, park maintenance team, or manufacturer. This is hardly the first time a ride (at any park, of any manufacturer) has failed in some way, and we have no idea why this particular failure caused such a seemingly substantial injury. Is it wrong of me to say “bad luck” could be a contributing factor? I can’t help but wonder how many similar incidents were avoided by a friendlier bounce of a wheel, phone, or whatever.

That’s not to say I don’t feel terrible for the victim; I do. And that’s not to say we shouldn’t learn from this situation; we absolutely should. Maybe there’s negligence to be found. But maybe this was the proverbial freak accident.

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All this talk about the cervical collar / neck brace issue has me a bit confused. Lots of armchair first responders I see popping up all over the place on social media etc. I wasn't there, and I'm not exactly a professional (simply a trained first responder), so I can't really act like I know much better, but it hasn't been a given to put accident victims in neck braces for quite a while now. In fact, I believe it's generally taught that first responders should most likely NOT use cervical collars, and that trained paramedics are to assess the situation closely before deciding to use one. So when I keep seeing people saying things like they can't believe they didn't even put her in a neck brace, I can't help but think, yeah, because they determined it wasn't necessary and wasn't going to affect the outcome. I'm sure not everything was handled 100 percent perfectly, but I also don't know that it was mandatory in this case.

EDIT : I did just read an article that states someone was yelling for some type of bracing, but they claimed they didn't have "any of that sh-- in the bag" so if that's true, that's not a great look.

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I haven't watched the whole video yet, been busy getting a kid set up for college but I asked my husband(25 year medic) about the C collar thing and if this was the type of injury that you would skip it and he said the protocols would still call for her C spine to be stabilized because you can't judge on scene if there was a neck injury with the fall or not.

I dont think that's what the bodycam shows. Sandusky shows up after they've already lifted her on the stretcher

The guy that is in the video wearing a red shirt, the one who interestingly tells the one with the body cam to go back to shores (I think that what was said) works for Cedar Point. He’s one of the “black shirts”. The woman who is with him I’m not sure who that is, but Cedar Point responded first then Sandusky.

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I find the silence from Cedar Point bizarre. The local paper is growing increasingly frustrated:

As for the c-collar debate, I maybe understand Cedar Point EMS, geared more for bee stings and nose bleeds vs trauma not having one, but Sandusky Fire was on-scene before she was loaded - they didn't have one? Last time I whitewater rafted, they had backboards with stabilizers on shore after each class 5 rapid...

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Here is the thing that has me confused. The guy with the bag is from CPS, correct? All the backboards at an aquatic center have integrated neck/stabilizers. When I was an instructor/guard at the Y years ago our med bags did not have neck stabilizers because it would be redundant and not useful. We are only seeing video from this persons perspective and not everything else that was going on.

I am sure the investigation will sort it all out

The paper can pound sand. File whatever paperwork to the government to get info, Everyone knows what they want to do, publish all the family info so they can harass the family with requests for interviews, publish info about the person, that they may not want public.

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I think the way the Register is handling this is uncalled for. I really don't even think they should have posted the body cam video. I don't know anything about journalism ethics so I don't know if what they are doing is right or wrong. They're likely just trying to cash in on this and be the first to publish new info. It's none of their business what the victim's name is. And even if they did know what would change? The withholding of that information can very well be at the request of the family. They probably don't want to be bothered right now. They are already going through enough.

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You really think this ride will be torn down because of this as stated by someone in this article:

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That Martin guy is something else. Why are they not giving us the conclusions and corrective actions right now, before they have any conclusions from the investigation? Ready, Fire, Aim.

I don’t want this bozo “safety expert” involved in any of my ride safety. I have worked with people like this, it isn’t fun.

I think what we are seeing is also a result of the digital age. Amusement park accidents are not common, but certainly happen more than what you read about in the paper thanks to spectator filming, body cams, social media, etc. It certainly makes it more difficult for the park to get ahead of things like this and usually ends up creating a bigger black eye for the park as a whole, mostly because of the assumptions made by people who weren’t even there.

That said, hopefully we can at least get a positive update on the woman’s condition, I’m hopeful that with the quick response she will be okay…although certainly her life will change after something like this.

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A real interesting assessment of the behavior and medical advice from the NP can be found at the website below. According to the physicians at this page, she misrepresented her medical expertise and was flat out incorrect in the types of treatment she demanded the park provide. She then has the nerve to double down against them in the comment section and gets roasted. Anyone thinking that the park's response was inadequate, should definitely give it a read.

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Wow. I kind of enjoyed that. After the last year, it seems fairly inappropriate for a medical professional to be posturing on an emergency scene. The Internet always remembers.

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Doesn’t this individual have some semblance of privacy? Who cares what the person’s name is? I don’t see how anyone benefits from the name being released other than the paper getting a few more clicks. I’m no expert, but I would think HIPAA laws might prevent the name from being released.

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